Soccer Step Over Agility Drill | Improve Touch and Quickness


Soccer Step Over Agility Drill | Improve Touch and Quickness

This top level soccer agility drill will help improve your ball handling, speed, and body control. Strap on your Kbands and stream the video to better understand the drill setup.



Step Over And Ball Handling

Notice in the video the soccer player has great lower body control. In the game of soccer you must be able to maintain control and accelerate around your opponent. This drill will challenge your footwork and the requirements placed on your body. Step over driving your knee across the hurdles back-and-forth as fast as you can. Maintain proper upper body control for more speed.

Second, the ball handling portion comes into your workout. Backpedal out of the hurdles and quickly settle the soccer ball and pass it back to your partner. Transition from the step over section back to the ball handling element as quickly as possible. You will then finish with a sprint out.


Soccer 4 Cone Drill For Agility


Exercise And Conditioning Is Important On The Soccer Field

Drills like the soccer step over or important to complete throughout the week. 40 to 60 minutes of training can go a long ways building your speed and agility. Browse through the soccer training section and find 2 to 3 other drills that you would like to combine with this one. Give yourself time to recover between exercises and challenge pace building muscle with Kbands.


Soccer Training Equipment




Reactive Stretch Cord




Speed Parachute

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