What Types Of Resistance Bands Should You Buy

What Types Of Resistance Bands Should You Buy

Published by Trevor Theismann on 31st Mar 2021

The market of resistance bands can be rather confusing sometimes. There are a bunch of choices. Flat bands, loop bands, stackable bands, leg bands, and the list goes on. Each style band has an application that it is best at, but not every type of resistance band works the same.

Loop Style Bands

Loop Bands come in different formats. There are some that are short for legs and small movements. There are some that are long that are great for assisted pull-ups, tricep extensions, and bicep curls. Ballistic Bands are a heavy duty style loop. They offer light all the way up to the heaviest band that you can possibly move.

Mini Bands are the name of flat smaller resistance bands that have a different application. These are often used around your hips or ankles to activate glutes and hip flexors. They are also very popular with younger athletes to help with leg strength development.

Arm Bands

When it comes to arm bands there are many different types. There are single resistance bands with handles, stackable resistance bands, stackable bands that include safety sleeves, and training kits with lots of accessories.

Single resistance bands with handles are often times lighter in resistance. The handles are often cheaply made as well. To give you a variety of resistance bands most companies save money with the handles and give you some type of a cheaper plastic.

Stackable bands often have a high-quality handle set. Stackable bands also give you the ability to add resistance at any level. Meaning you can do heavy exercises with stackable bands. The stackable bands are also offered with a safety sleeve. This is another level of safety that you can utilize when completing exercises in your home. Often times stackable resistance bands with safety sleeves come in a kit. There are several mechanisms to attach to your wall, door or even wrap around a squat rack.

Find What’s Right For You

My recommendation for anyone looking to choose resistance bands is to figure out what exercises they want to do most. If you make a list of the exercises you enjoy doing, then the next step is easy. You will choose the type of resistance bands that will allow you to do those exercises the best. I personally have a set of each type of resistance bands because I use them for all different purposes. The reason for this is because each type of band does some things great. Click around the training section and find exercises that you can do with the type of resistance band that fits you best.

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