The Key To Successfully Staying In Shape Or Getting In Shape Is Tracking Progress

The Key To Successfully Staying In Shape Or Getting In Shape Is Tracking Progress

Published by Trevor Theismann on 30th Mar 2021

Have you ever wondered why some people continually stay in shape? Why when you workout 4 to 6 times a week you do not see any results. Often times, the answer is very simple. Individuals that are dedicated to their fitness continually measure their progress and ensure that they are on track to succeed. This can be completed by tracking your body fat, weight, strength level, and endurance. Caloric intake is also something most people that are in shape continually track.

Track Body Fat And Weight

There are many scales available now that will allow you to track your body weight, as well as, your body fat. You must track both. The scale can sometimes be deceiving. If you stop working out for a while, and your weight does not decrease, you were actually increasing body fat. By tracking body fat you will ensure that the scale represents the ratio between muscle mass and body fat is in check.

Track Strength

Every eight weeks you should be completing some form of a test out for strength. Without working towards a goal of increased strength, I can promise you that your strength will decrease. Going through the motions is a cancer that affects any person who continually works out. Without setting strength goals your workouts are at risk of becoming stagnant and boring. Every eight week cycle you should test two or three strength test outs to keep things fresh.

Track Your Cardiovascular Levels

Your heart is very important for the future of your existence. Cardio is not only used for endurance, but also to keep your heart healthy. Utilize cardio machines or movements that you enjoy each and every week. Just as you track strength, you should be tracking your cardiovascular abilities.

Track Your Calories

There are many tools that you can utilize in this category. Whenever you are getting ready to lose body fat I highly recommend that you start using My Fitness Pal or Lose It. These apps are very good at counting calories and understanding food intake. It’s not exactly an exact science. It also has a lot to do with genetics on what results you will get with specific levels of calorie restrictions, but you will definitely understand what foods to eat and what not to eat. By tracking your calories for two or three months a year you will continually keep your database in your brain up today. It will help you select the proper foods to maintain a healthy body weight and build muscle.

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