My Kid Is Slow! How Do I Make Him Faster

My Kid Is Slow! How Do I Make Him Faster

30th Nov 2018


My Kid Is Slow! How Do I Make Him Faster

Is your kid slow? Would you do anything to help them perform better? It’s time to get focused and help make a difference. In the video you will see a dynamic setup that will challenge both lateral quickness and sprint speed. Review the video several times so that you understand the proper change in direction at each turn.

As your young athlete reaches each stage it’s important that they stay low in an athletic position. Standing too tall and tapping their feet together will make them slower. Run quickly through the cones transitioning through each phase.

Another key element that will help your kid increase his or her speed is Kbands. Our resistance bands are designed to help youth athletes increase strength while moving naturally through speed training drills. By building strength throughout the hip flexors and glutes, your young athlete will see speed gains quickly.

Don’t Forget To Keep Things Fun

As always when training young athletes, it’s important to keep things fun. If you make exercises like this one work, youth athletes begin to lose focus. Make a game of it. Time them during each repetition and see if they can beat the last time. Another trick is to work in groups. Sports are supposed to be fun. Grab some of his or her friends and let them race through the cones.

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