Drills To Help You Run Faster, Jump Higher and Perform At a Higher Level

Drills To Help You Run Faster, Jump Higher and Perform At a Higher Level

Increasing speed requires structure, determination and proper training focus. During this drill you will need to be explosive and mobile. Take a look at the video below as we analyze the spacing required to complete this exercise properly.  Notice the resistance and acceleration portions of the drill. The amount of resistance applied throughout the exercise will very.



Speed Training Techniques

As you witnessed in the video, the anchor will need to be very mobile during this drill. As you sprint forward the athlete holding the anchor strap will need to move with you. The goal is not to max out the Reactive Stretch Cord, but rather apply the proper amount of resistance needed to achieve your goals. During the sprinting portion you should be able to maintain proper form while sprinting. Never max out the Reactive Stretch Cord.


Increase Speed With Kbands


Train Like You Play For Best Results

Next, as you reach the cone before the speed and agility ladder, the anchor should have the cord stretched out. This will help apply assistance through the speed and agility ladder. Notice the anchor in the video has loosened up the resistance of the Reactive Stretch Cord through the ladder portion. If you apply too much resistance it is impossible for the mobile athlete to complete lateral high knees. Apply just enough resistance to help pull them off their center of gravity. This change in direction will help you build a stronger core. As you exit the ladder you will now undergo an assisted sprint out. The Reactive Stretch Cord will help you accelerate through the dig phase of your sprinting to help improve your acceleration. Maintain explosiveness and sprint 20 yards after leaving the ladder. 

Plyometrics Training Equipment




Reactive Stretch Cord




Victory Ropes

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