Track Workout With Resistance Bands | Plyometric Sprints

Track Workout With Resistance Bands | Plyometric Sprints

Published by Trevor Theismann on 7th Jan 2022

Track Workout With Resistance Bands | Plyometric Sprints

Track workouts must be effective to help you increase your speed. Every new season brings up new ideas and training methods that can be implemented to increase your speed. One of our latest drills is the plyometric jump sprints. This type of resistance training will help improve muscle recruitment from a jump reflex. The plyometric burst will increase muscle recruitment through the dig phase of our sprint. Let’s take a closer look at the video as we set up this drill.

Be Efficient Be Fast

Set up during this drill is very important. First bring a hurdle out to the middle of the track. Give yourself enough space to be able to jump clearly over the hurdle and sprint 20 to 30 yards. You may also want to position the hurdle facing the wind. We the added resistance from the wind and the leg resistance bands you will achieve maximum muscle recruitment. Now that you have your hurdle placed, we will strap on our Kbands. With these leg resistance bands you will notice that you get better hip activation. The hips are very important when it comes to running speed. When you initiate the plyometric jump over the hurdle you will fire your glutes and improve muscle recruitment.

Over The Hurdle And Increase Your Speed

As you clear the hurdle, it is important that you land on the balls of your feet. By landing on the balls of your feet you will be able to quickly accelerate forward. If you clear the hurdle and land on your heels, You will be slow to accelerate. During every phase of our training we must be explosive. Learning how to increase your speed efficiently requires mastering each movement.

You must also utilize your arm action when accelerating into the sprint. Most athletes that are new to this drill, run with lazy arms as soon as they clear the hurdle. You will not want to do this. You will want to expose the way drive your lead on forward and stretch The rear arm for maximum speed. Spring out for 20 to 30 yards to complete this drill. Refer back to the video for any technique tips that you are not completely clear on.

What Other Types Of Workouts Can You Do

When training for track it is important to incorporate a variety of different drills in your training. The plyometric jump sprint drill that we just went through is a great exercise to complete several times a week. You should never train for more than an hour doing explosive sprint work, however you can also add additional weight training to increase strength throughout your body. More strength will result in the ability to be more explosive and can also improve stride length. This type of drill is best used before weight training.

Why Should Track Athletes Use Resistance Bands

Track athletes and sprinters should use resistance bands for many different reasons. Resistance bands allow track athletes the ability to train in the exact motions of competition. Weight training, on the other hand, will make athletes more explosive, but does not always translate to efficient movements during competition. By utilizing resistance bands and specific techniques to optimize results you will see great results in a short amount of time. Browse through our track training section for more sports specific drills that you can utilize in your training.

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