Stair Training With Resistance Bands

Stair Training With Resistance Bands

Published by Trevor Theismann on 15th Dec 2021

Stair Training With Resistance Bands

Stair workouts are a great way to build leg strength and conditioning. If you’re looking to increase your stamina and get a good sweat, stair workouts can be completed indoors or outdoors. Stream the video below for an in-depth workout description.

Short Step Workouts On The Stairs

The first portion of this drill is completed on short steps. There are two different forms that you will complete. The first is switching your legs back-and-forth. The second, is more of a rhythmic step motion. Refer to the video to see these motions in action. The leg resistance bands will help make your work out more intense. With working sets of 20 to 30 seconds your legs will be on fire. Take at least 60 seconds off between sets.

Tall Steps vs Ledges

The next element of this drill is done on a ledge. Find an object at the park or field that comes up to your waist height. As you raise your leg your knee/hip should come up parallel with the ground. If you find a ledge that is too tall, it will change the angles of your leg. We want to stay in a power position parallel or below. Complete 10 to 15 repetitions on each leg driving up while mimicking the running motion. You will find that this is more of a power strength move than the other two exercises. The first two exercises you will get more of a burning sensation that challenges stamina. This version is going to challenge your capabilities as a whole. The higher the step, the higher the challenge.

Push yourself through each one of these exercises for a great leg workout. If you need a little extra, feel free to run some bleacher sprints after this. That’s where you get down at the bottom of the bleachers and run all the way up to the top. Be sure that you walk down the stairs to catch your breath. The sprint portion should only be on the way up. Browse through for more bleach your workouts now. 

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