Soccer Games For Conditioning | Victory Ropes Shoot And Shuffle


Soccer Games For Conditioning | Victory Ropes Shoot And Shuffle

Soccer is an extremely taxing sport on the human body. The need to produce a large volume of high intensity moves like sprinting, stopping and starting quickly, jumping, and diving requires the body to produce a large amount of energy to execute these movements. Quick, high intensity movements paired with the steady and constant jog a soccer player must maintain when not involved with a play on the soccer ball does not give the athletes a long opportunity for recovery.



To overcome the high energy requirements of soccer games athletes need to train the body to operate at a quicker, faster level, while maintaining sports specific skills. For a soccer player the soccer games skills that need to be maintained, even when the soccer player is fatigued, are the soccer skills of shooting, passing, and dribbling the soccer ball. If soccer players cannot successfully put their bodies in a fatigued state, mimicking soccer games, and practice soccer game skills of dribbling, passing, and shooting games soccer players will not know how to control or operate their body when faced with a fatigued state during regular soccer games.

Performing soccer games and drills like the Victory Rope Shoot And Shuffle, Kbands Soccer Circuit For Conditioning, or the Kbands Defensive Soccer Conditioning Drills will allow athletes to increase their soccer skills while enhancing their conditioning and stamina. The effectiveness of the soccer games for conditioning depends on the soccer players’ ability to increase their ball skills while tired. Simulating these soccer games situations will allow athletes to make better passes and shots late into soccer games.

Prepare For Soccer Practice Like You Prepare For Soccer Games

When preparing for a soccer practice soccer players should use the same warm up techniques they use when preparing for soccer games. Static and dynamic stretches should be performed, as well as a thorough warm up with the Recovery Foam Roller. Rolling with the Recovery Foam Roller and flexibility stretches with the Kbands Stunt Strap should be performed first before performing Soccer Dynamic Warm Ups. Performing this soccer stretching routine before soccer practices and soccer games will prepare the muscles for activity, increase soccer players’ athletic output, while drastically decreasing the likelihood of an injury during training or soccer games.

Since athletes are attempting to mimic their level of fatigue at the end of soccer games soccer conditioning drills should be performed toward the end of a soccer training session. Athletes should spend the beginning of a soccer games training session with more sports specific skills like passing, shooting, and dribbling. Ab exercises like the KB Duo Knee Tuck, or the KB PowerBands Toe Touch can also be performed at the beginning of a soccer games training session. Performing these sport specific soccer games drills will allow athletes to focus on footwork and perfecting their execution of these very important soccer games skills. Although the goal of the soccer games for conditioning drills is to enhance soccer skills like passing, dribbling, and shooting. The goal of the soccer games conditioning drills is to also increase and enhance these skills while fatigued.


Strength And Conditioning With The Victory Ropes


Conditioning And Shooting Games With The Victory Ropes

To perform the Victory Ropes Shoot And Shuffle athletes will need to attach 2 Victory Ropes together and create a ring for athletes to place around their waist. Soccer players will first attach the Victory Ropes by sliding one of the Victory Ropes through the anchor strap of the opposite Victory Rope. The anchor straps are loops located at each end of the Victory Rope. Once one of the Victory Ropes has been fed through the opposite Victory Ropes anchor strap the same Victory Rope will again be fed through one of its own anchor straps. Soccer players will pull the Victory Ropes together to complete the Victory Ropes attachment process. Soccer players will then create a ring by grasping one of the Victory Ropes at its center, and feeding the middle of the Victory Rope through one of its own anchor straps. The ring, which is created by this process, will be placed around the athletes’ waist. The ring is adjustable to fit any sized athlete. For more information on how to Set Up and Utilize Victory Ropes go to the Training Section or Shop Section.

Soccer players will also need an assisting coach or partner, one soccer ball, and three Speed and Agility Cones. Athletes will space the Speed and Agility Cones 4-7 yards apart in a straight line. The attached Victory Ropes stretch to a distance of 40 feet, based on the stretch capability of the Victory Ropes. Partners should position themselves 30-38 feet from the Speed And Agility Cone set up. The soccer ball should be placed 10-15 feet in front of the Speed and Agility Cone set up. All of the parameters for the Victory Ropes Shoot And Shuffle Drill should take into account the athletes age and skill level. The soccer games drill should not be set up at such a distance that athletes are being excessively pulled by the Victory Ropes.

Victory Ropes Soccer Games Challenge

To perform the Victory Ropes Shoot and Shuffle soccer players will line up at the soccer ball, quickly backpedal to the center Speed and Agility Cone, in a controlled sprint make their way back to the soccer ball and kick the soccer ball to their partner holding the Victory Ropes. Partners will quickly return the soccer ball to its starting position with a kick. After kicking the soccer ball soccer players will backpedal back to the center Speed and Agility Cone, shuffle to one of the outer Speed and Agility Cones, shuffle back to the center Speed and Agility Cone, and repeat kicking the soccer ball to their partner. Athletes should repeat the sequence, alternating which Speed and Agility Cone they shuffle to.

Another variation of the soccer games conditioning drill is to have the athlete alternate which Speed and Agility Cone they sprint toward after each kick of the Soccer Ball. Athletes will begin the sequence by shuffling to and from the center cone, but will alternate by laterally shuffling toward one of the end Speed and Agility Cones after kicking the soccer ball. An example of this sequence would be to backpedal to center cone, sprint forward and kick ball, laterally shuffle to the left cone, laterally sprint back and kick the soccer ball, backpedal to the center cone.

Athletes can challenge themselves and teammates by seeing who can get the most kicks to their partner in 60 seconds. Partners and athletes can also form teams to motivate and push the tempo of the soccer games conditioning drill. Athletes and partners should alternate who performs the soccer games conditioning drill to allow one athlete to rest and one athlete to constantly be working.


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