Simple Team Speed Training Station You Can Use During Practice

Simple Team Speed Training Station You Can Use During Practice

Are you looking for new speed training stations to use during your practice? We have tons of drills here at that you can utilize, but this is one of the best. Split up your team in groups of 4 to 6. Next, set up 4 speed and agility cones to help with spacing. We will be incorporating agility, foot speed, and sprint speed during this drill. Analyze the video below as we describe each technique utilized.



Notice in the video there are four speed and agility cones in a box. Younger groups of athletes should use a smaller range between cones then athletes that are older and more advanced. When completing this drill, we want an athlete to use only 6 to 8 sprinting strides to get from one cone to the next. In addition to the change in direction you will be completing high knees over the cones. Notice in the video, the athlete drives his knees over the cone as if to tap the top of the cone. This technique will help with hip flexor strength leading to more linear speed.


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Practice Training In Groups For Speed

Let’s focus on change of direction now. In the video you will see the athlete drop at a 45° angle and sprint to a rear facing cone. This movement happens all the time in athletics. Dropping your shoulder and increasing speed while maintaining control is an essential portion of athletic performance. Drop step and sprint to each rear cone as you rotate through. Finally, you will sprint out at a 45° angle finishing the exercise.

Rotating For The Best Results

When you have your group set up, we want to make sure that our rest periods are not too long. You should only have enough players per group that rest periods stay below two minutes between repetitions. If you create groups that are too large, each player’s rest will be too long. Speed training must be done in proper time periods of rest to see results. Train with Kbands and increase your results.