Kbands Baseball Leg Strength Lunge Combo

Kbands Baseball Leg Strength Lunge Combo

For athletes wanting to learn how to increase leg strength they should add the Baseball Leg Strength Lunge Combo into a regular training routine. In baseball, leg strength is a key factor in pitching velocity, bat acceleration, and stealing a base. When wondering how to increase leg strength the lunge is one of the best exercises to help accomplish this. The lunge is a challenging and versatile movement, which forces great activation in the hips, core, quads, glutes, and hamstrings. The advantage the lunge has over many other exercises is its ability to be performed in multiple directions: the front (normal lunge), the side (lateral lunge), and the rear (reverse lunge). By being multi-directional the lunge can challenge athletes from different directions forcing more muscle recruitment in the hips and legs. In baseball leg strength must be developed in both legs and from all directions.

For a baseball player to learn how to increase leg strength they must use proper form in all of their exercises. Proper form while performing a drill or exercise will make workouts more efficient and aid in achieving greater results while training.



How To Increase Leg Strength Through Proper Lunge Form

While performing the lunge there are several elements which must be maintained between all three directions of the lunge.

1) The front knee must always stay behind the front toe.

2) The ankle, knee, and hip must all stay aligned. You should be able to run an imaginary line straight from your ankle that runs through the knee and hip.

3) Pressure should always be felt on the heel of the front or leading foot.

4) The back knee will never touch the ground.

5) Keep the chest big and do not use the arms. Although the lunges vary slightly, following these guidelines will help athletes achieve the desired results and help them learn how to increase leg strength.

The forward lunge is the most commonly practiced lunge of the three and, although simple is very effective to develop baseball leg strength. Begin standing with the feet together and take a forward step. After stepping the baseball player will sink at the hips, keeping the knee aligned over the ankle and behind the front toes. Be careful to not overstep, the baseball player should be able to keep control of the knee while over the ankle. The baseball player will sink at the hips until the front thigh is parallel to the ground. From that point athletes will push into the ground with their front heel, keep the chest and eyes forward, and return to the starting position.

To perform the side lunge athletes will begin in the same position as the forward lunge, instead of stepping forward step out to the side. While stepping out athletes need to keep the knee lined up over the toe and keep the back leg completely straight. Keep the toe of the leg stepping out pointed straight ahead and push through the heel of the stepped out leg to return the body to its starting position. This is the more difficult of the 3 lunge variations and form is a key point while athletes learn how to increase leg strength. Do not over extend, be sure the athlete can remain in control throughout the entire movement.

The reverse lunge begins in the same position as the front and lateral lunges. Athletes will take a step back sinking at the hips and keeping the front knee behind the toes. Unlike the other two lunge variations, when performing the reverse lunge the leg remaining stationary is the leg performing the work during the movement. When the athlete has their front thigh parallel to the ground pressure should be applied through the heel to return the athlete to the starting position.


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How Perform And Execute The Baseball Leg Strength Lunge Combo

In baseball leg strength helps athletes increase performance, power, and overall productivity. Baseball players will learn how to increase their leg strength in multiple directions by implementing the Baseball Leg Strength Lunge Combo into their training. The Baseball Leg Strength Lunge Combo utilizes the split position to help simulate driving off of the leg to gain strength in the hips. Added strength in the hips turns into greater velocity on throws and more power when making contact with the baseball.

To complete the Baseball Leg Strength Lunge Combo athletes will attach a set of Kbands just above the knees and stand with feet about shoulder width apart. From this position baseball players will perform a forward lunge, followed by a side lunge, followed by a reverse lunge. All three lunges should be performed simultaneously using good form and on the same leg. Baseball players will perform 8-10 rounds of the Baseball Leg Strength Lunge Combo (1 forward, 1 side, and 1 reverse lunge equals 1 round) with 90 seconds to 2 minutes rest in-between sets. 4-6 sets of the Baseball Leg Strength Lunge Combo should be performed per leg. Baseball players wanting to learn how to increase leg strength should incorporate core exercises or utilize the KB Powerbands Shoulder Progression following the completion of the Baseball Leg Strength Lunge Combo.

Why Is Baseball Leg Strength So Important?

Learning how to increase leg strength is essential to any sport involving quick, multi-directional, sudden movements. However in baseball leg strength does not seem important, “Isn't all you do with the legs in baseball is run from point A to point B?” Yes, running is involved in baseball, but baseball players must remember that the body is connected; movements from the lower body can aid, or be detrimental to upper body movements. Athletes can also use the lower body to compliment the upper body and help the upper body produce more force.

By performing the Baseball Leg Strength Lunge Combo in all three directions athletes can simulate driving off the side of the foot during a lateral lunge, simulating the pitching motion off the mound or a batter driving the back leg to produce more force on the ball. The forward and reverse lunges help supply more power to the hips and legs helping to beat out that throw at first or getting an extra step to make that spectacular catch in the outfield.

The Baseball Leg Strength Lunge Combo is an easy baseball leg strength drill to incorporate into a regular training routine. Coaches and athletes should incorporate the Baseball Leg Strength Lunge Combo at the beginning of a training session so athletes are not fatigued while learning how to increase leg strength. Following the drill athletes should incorporate core work or the KB Powerbands Shoulder Progression.


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