Is Bench Press, Flys or Resistance Bands Best for Getting a Bigger Chest?


Is Bench Press, Flys or Resistance Bands Best for Getting a Bigger Chest?

There are two basic moves to develop a larger chest. Flys, in which the extended arms are drawn together across the chest as if you were hugging yourself: and Presses, in which the weight is pressed up and away from the chest using the pectorals but also the front deltoids and triceps. A standard bench press is performed by anyone weight training and is an all time favorite. You see everyone doing this movement at the gym. Performed correctly, with the right hand positioning and full range of motion, you will develop a larger chest. Barbell Flys are also another standard gym movement. Some people will use flat bench, an incline bench or even a Stability Ball. Each of this equipment works the pecs from a slightly different angle to help stimulate growth and development. The most effective piece of equipment is Resistance Bands. You can perform many chest-crushing moves that will make your chest bigger. They allow you to perform concentration chest exercises that target pectorals major and minor so your chest really is completely developed and challenged from multiple angles. Watch the following video to see muscle building exercise home fitness workouts that WILL make your chest bigger.




When to Train Which Muscles in My Home Workout

If you are performing the same home workout routine, the same way, using the same reps and sets every week your should rethink what you are doing. Critically look at what you are doing, how your muscles are developing and the results that you are achieving. You should periodically change the exercises you are performing. Work the muscle from a different angle doing a Seated Chest Press or the Fusion Cables Standing Cross Punch. Use a different level of resistance band. Incorporate a new exercise such as the Fusion Cable Hug or the Fusion Cables Low to High or High to Low. These changes will challenge and make your chest bigger and ensure you are hitting the pecs from multiple angles so you get full growth. Some call this muscle confusion and others have called this the Shocking Principle. Changing your training routine makes your body perform in unexpected ways and in turn accelerates the development of a larger chest, or any muscle that you are continually working and trying to make larger.

Just as importantly as changing your home workout routine, you should also determine if you are weak when performing a particular movement. For instance, you may have difficulty keeping good form while performing the Fusion Cable Pull Apart. In this exercise you should stand tall in a good athletic stance with the resistance band in front using an overhand grip and your arms fully extended. Slowly spread your arms to fully extend the band till it is resting on your chest and your shoulder blades are contracted. If you can’t maintain good form then perform this exercise early so you train them first when you are stronger and fresher in your home fitness workout. In weight training this is called the Priority Principle.


Kbands Ballistic Bands


Volume vs Intensity

There is constant debate about which method, volume or intensity, is most effective at convincing the muscle it needs to grow. This is why we weight train, to make our muscles grow. The volume approach, as the name implies, has your hitting your muscles with such moderate to heavy resistance in many sets and reps that the muscle has not choice but to grow. This method has you tearing down the muscles using lots resistance so that when they recover they grow. High volume training pushes a lot of blood into the muscle and stretches it. This will cause your pecs to grow and give you a nice large, rounded chest. This method isn’t limited to multi-joint movements but should also be use in concentration movements, for instance, performing a static hold at the end of Fusion Cable Cross Punch. Realize the drawback with this volume training approach is overtraining and burnout could occur which could stop your muscle development.

The intensity approach suggests that muscles need to be pushed beyond their comfort zone during brief quick workouts using VERY heavy resistance. You don’t do a lot of sets but use heavy resistance bands that will stress the muscle with fewer repetitions. These exercises must be performed with perfect form to get maximum benefit from this style of workout. This method has more rest time between workouts (less time working out) than the volume method. Using this method you place a lot of stress on your joints unless you workout with perfect form. If your form is compromised then you are not working the muscle exactly as your intend. This limits the benefits of your workout and the gains that you will achieve.

Should I Work My Back Muscles With My Chest for Best Results?

Working the back muscles is certainly not necessary to develop your pecs, but it doesn’t hurt. Back movements, when exaggerated, can help to stretch the pecs during your training. This extra stretch in the muscle helps to work them to their maximum limit and from a different angle. This additional stretch provides a greater range of motion. This greater range of motion creates intense muscle contraction for the chest and back, which ultimately leads to maximum muscle growth. Whether working your chest or back always remember to focus on and isolate the muscle you are striving to work in a particular exercise. Conducting the Fusion Cables Seated Row or the Fusion Cables Low to High are great back exercises that you should perform and work to squeeze your shoulder together at the top of the movement while pulling the chest back simultaneously. This compound movement will help develop the well-defined chest you are working to achieve.

Yes, Resistance Bands are Best for Getting a Bigger Chest

Dumbbells and barbells can be used to develop a well-defined and larger chest. This gym equipment does have some limitations. The basic limitation is the amount of exercises that can be performed with them. They can also be expensive to buy and require a considerable amount of room. The Fusion Cable Home Training System is versatile, easy and can be installed in a very small footprint. This System has 5 levels of resistance so it can grow with your chest development. As you need additional weight to create a burn in your chest add an additional Fusion Cable or simply use a heavier band.

The amount of exercises that can be performed is almost unlimited. This variety of exercises in your home workout routine will ensure your muscles are constantly challenged and confused by the next exercise or superset. Always work your muscles to failure. Your muscles have memory and want to stop after a limited number of reps. To achieve maximum results and hammer your muscles into the shape you want them to be you must always push them to lift more, perform more reps, or perform a static hold for a longer period of time. Don’t expect a larger chest in a short period of time. A large muscle takes longer to develop and is affected by your build and body type. Work hard for the results and you won’t be disappointed when your T-shirt is fuller.

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