Hockey Offseason Conditioning Drills

Hockey Offseason Conditioning Drills

Published by Trevor Theismann on 11th Dec 2021

Hockey Offseason Conditioning Drills

In order to become and remain a first line player in hockey, it is important to not only train during hockey season but also to maintain form during offseason. Conditioning drills, are therefore designed to sustain muscular activation and develop speed and agility, required for the sport. An offseason hockey conditioning drill, by default, can only be successfully completed with regularity, by a powerful athlete. It is a supporting workout that is essential to retain fitness levels required for hockey.

While there are several workout routines available in the market and popular among fitness circles for hockey offseason conditioning; Kbands Training is, without doubt, one of the best drills there is. Hockey offseason is the time to improve your muscle capacity and work on your hand and knee drive. And sustained aerobic activity is not enough to do that. You need simulation based workout drills that enable you to perform explosively for short bursts during the game. At the same time, conditioning drills should help you not only acquire your top speed but also maintain it for the duration of the game. This article explores some of the most effective Kbands workouts and drills for hockey offseason conditioning.

Kbands Conditioning Drill

This drill is setup in a space of 10-12 yards with two bags placed at the end of sprint patch. Assume an inverted ox position and then sprint towards the bags without accelerating. Loop in and around the bags, doing an additional 10-15 yard turnout. As you sprint without accelerating towards the bags, the resistance offered by the Kbands tied above your knees, activate your quads and hip flexor muscles.

Maintaining the speed and dynamics while sprinting, helps you build the stability of your feet, which is an important goal of a conditioning drill. Minimum 12 sets with resistance have to be repeated to reach an elevated heart rate and get optimum leg muscle tone. You can repeat the drill without the Kbands resistance afterwards to work on your speed.

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