Can I Do HIIT Everyday–Kbands Live 149

Can I Do HIIT Everyday–Kbands Live 149

Published by Trevor Theismann on 22nd Nov 2021

Can I Do HIIT Everyday - Kbands Live 149

HIIT, high intensity interval training, is a style of workout that includes intense activity that elevates your heart rate followed by slower exercises that allows the heart rate to return to a normal range while still completing some kind of physical activity. You burn more calories when your heart rate is elevated which is the major benefit of this workout style. Performing intense activity with muscle building exercises allows you to burn more calories during and post workout as your body works to recover from the HIIT. You can complete HIIT workouts everyday regardless of your fitness level. We will talk more about how to do this later.

Watch the video, learn more about this style of workout, and complete Kbands Live 149. There are many variations and examples of HIIT workouts on the site. Remember that no workout alone will reduce your body fat. The workouts are just one component and the other is what you eat. Perform HIIT workouts and eat in a healthy calorie deficit each day and you begin to see the results you are working to achieve.

I Am New Too Fitness and Can’t Do These HIIT Workouts

Yes, you can do HIIT workouts. Kbands Live Fitness is built on the premise that anyone, regardless of your fitness level, exercise background, or weight can complete our workouts. There are always modifications that can be made to exercises that will allow you to participate, complete the workouts, and get results. HIIT workouts are designed for intense bursts of exercise followed by a lower intensity activity. If you can’t do the Jump Rope portion then modify and perform jumping jacks, high knee ups, or stepping in place. Anything to elevate your heart rate. Your fitness level will help determine the intensity needed to elevate your heart rate. In the video, we perform a Decline Push-Up as the superset after completing the Jump Rope. If you can’t do a Decline Push-Up then start with flat push-ups on the ground or do them from your knees. If these are still too difficult, then do standing push-ups against the wall. The goal is to perform your intense levels of exercise followed by lower intensity exercises that still work your muscles. Remember, regardless of your fitness level or strength, your level and definition of intensity will be different. As you get stronger and become more fit from performing these exercises you will need to increase “your intensity” to continue to achieve results. Complete these workouts consistently and you will see amazing results.

Can I Complete HIIT Workouts Every Day?

You can complete HIIT workouts every day. Remember it is based on your fitness level and intensity. HIIT workouts, like every other workout, should include variety. If you get bored you run the risk of stopping your workouts. You don’t want this. Muscles need some time for recovery. You won’t want to complete the same HIIT workout every day. The site has many videos with HIIT workouts that can performed on alternating days. Completing different HIIT workouts every day allows you to:

1) have variety in your workouts so you don’t get bored.
2) provides a rest period for the muscles worked while consistently completing another workout.
3) helps to confuse and stimulate the muscles so they have to respond to a different stimulus provided by a unique workout.
4) helps you with active recovery, working through your soreness, so you don’t skip a workout because your muscles are tired and sore.

Will I Lose Body Fat Doing Daily HIIT Workouts?

HIIT workouts will help you burn more calories during your workouts. This occurs because you complete your exercise with enough intensity to elevate your heart rate. This elevated heart rate, with increased calorie burn, will burn fat. Performing HIIT workouts alone WILL NOT reduce your body fat. Exercise is just one piece of the fitness puzzle if your goal is a lower body fat. You must also eat in a calorie deficit. A calorie deficit means learning how many calories your body needs to maintain itself without extra effort, and then eating less than this each day. For instance, if your body needs 1800 calories per day for normal functions, then you need to eat less than this number. And NEVER eat into your exercise calories. Consider them a bonus of calories lost. If you periodically eat into these calories, our experience has shown you will not achieve your body fat or weight loss goals. The site has fantastic eating suggestions and meal plans to help develop this portion of your fitness lifestyle.

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