Build Upper Body Strength Using the KB Duo


Build Upper Body Strength Using the KB Duo

Hi, I’m Trevor Theismann and welcome to the latest video in our Flex-to-Fit video workout series! Today we’ll be working through a series of upper body workout moves designed to target the arms and generate upper body strength. We’ve been hearing plenty of comments from our viewers about the KBands and KB Powerbands and the impact these resistance builders bring to ordinary workouts. But today we’ll be focusing specifically on the KB Duo, the Y shaped suspension training system that athletes can use at home or at the gym. And we’ll be talking specifically about using suspension training to build upper body strength.

Upper body strength can increase our agility and power on the sports field, and it can also help with chest expansion, breathing, posture, and overall body alignment. But natural upper body strength varies widely from each person to the next, and it can be tough to find an upper body workout targeted to your specific needs. Suspension training can help with this, since we can adjust the KB duo to meet our preferences and the weight we’re lifting is always generated by our own body.

So today we’ll be demonstrating an upper body workout broken into three parts. We call this upper body strength builder the 20-20-20, meaning 20 rows, 20 flies, and 20 push-ups.

First, grab your KB duo and attach it firmly to any anchor point above your head, like the squat rack. Adjust the straps so they hang just above the ground, then warm up your upper body workout muscles and let’s get started.




Workout Reps Workout Sets




Reverse Flies

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20-20-20 Upper Body Workout: Rows

Hold a handle of the KB Duo in each hand, then step backwards away from the anchor point. Lean back until you’re supporting your weight with your arms, but don’t let your back arch or your hips move too far forward. Keep you back and body line straight. If this places too much or not enough pressure on your upper body strength, take a step forward or back. When you’re in position, straighten your arms and then bend at the elbows and pull yourself up.

If you’re doing this upper body workout move correctly, you’ll feel the pressure in your core, arms, and between your shoulder blades. Repeat this lifting motion 20 times. Since the number of reps is set, try to complete the move as fast as possible. Leave a comment below and share your maximum speed.

20-20-20 Upper Body Workout: Reverse Flies

Now take one step back away from the anchor point so your body is slightly more upright. Pull yourself to a standing position by keeping your elbows straight and drawing the handles out to your sides. Repeat this upper body strength building move 20 times. With this upper body workout move, pay close attention to your technique. You’ll get more out of this exercise if you keep your arms and back straight and complete the move quickly and efficiently with no pauses. Keep the pressure focused on upper body strength and make sure your arms, shoulders and core are feeling the burn.

20-20-20 Upper Body Workout: Push-Ups

For the next upper body workout move, stand under the anchor point and drop into push-up position with a handle of the KB Duo in each hand. The classic push-up is a great way to build upper body strength, but suspension exercises add an additional element of challenge. As we focus on staying balanced, we exercise upper body strength and use supporting muscle groups that don’t come into play when we push-up from a stable surface.

Make sure your arms stay in the high L position as you execute these 20 push-ups. If your arms drop, they may rub against the straps. If it’s taking a while to become comfortable with your stability muscles, move your feet a few inches apart to provide some extra support.

Complete 20 of these suspension push-ups as fast as you can without compromising your upper body workout technique. Can you beat 2:27? Post your score below!

Meanwhile, feel free to leave any other comments and questions you may have. And as always, subscribe above for more Flex-to-Fit workouts every week. We’ll see you next time!


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