Basketball Layup Drill | Modified Kbands Assisted Layups

Basketball Layup Drill | Modified Kbands Assisted Layups

This basketball layup drill is a great drill to help basketball players work on staying under control as they finish at the basket. Often times basketball players will feel a bump or push from a defender as they finish. By utilizing the Reactive Stretch Cord we will be able to mimic this sensation and build the body control needed to finish strong. Below you will be able watch a full video demonstration and work through key technique tips to maximize your results.

Modified Kbands Layup Drill Set Up

To set this drill up properly, we will need to work with our anchors and position the belt properly. You will need to place the Reactive Stretch Cord securely around your waist so there is no rotational movement. The 360 D-ring will do all the work rotating around your body, giving you the optimal amount of assistance needed at each of the layups. The belt must be tight enough not to slide around your hips.

Anchors are very important in this drill. They must be active, moving with the basketball player as they come in for the layup and move back out to the elbow. Anchors must pull the slack out of the Stretch Cord each movement in and then immediately give slack to allow the basketball player to move back out.

Two balls will be placed on each elbow. To begin this drill you will start on one of the elbows, either picking up the basketball or beginning with the ball in your hands. You will sprint in and finish with one power dribble. Immediately, basketball players will slide step out to the opposing elbow, pick up the ball and repeat the steps until there are no basketballs left.

Anchor Mobility And Positioning.

During this drill anchors must be very active. As we discussed before, they must be mobile and pick up the slack of the stretch cord preventing any injuries. It is essential that we use the anchor security strap to ensure that the Reactive Stretch Cord will stay in place. As the basketball player approaches the basket we will add additional assistance as they jump. This will help mimic a bump from a defender.

Beginner Basketball Players - Less advanced athletes will utilize consistent assistance from the time the basketball player picks up the ball until they finish at the basket.

Advanced Basketball Player - As you become more advanced you then can begin mixing up the assistance provided to challenge each individual layup. Anchors must keep in mind that the Reactive Stretch Cord only stretches to 20 feet. So moving your feet to provide less or more resistance will be the essential.


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More Advanced Layup Drill

An easy modification to make this layup drill more advanced is to add resistance on the slide outs. After finishing each layup the resistance can immediately be applied to the athlete on the shuffle steps to the opposing elbow. This will increase muscle activation and make the drill much more intense. For beginners though, maintain the level of assistance from each elbow disregarding the resisted shuffles so that technique can be maintained. The key focus of this drill is to increase basketball players ability to finish during a layup. Exhausting beginning athletes with resisted shuffles will only diminish the results of this layup drill.

Additional Basketball Drills

Complete six sets of the modified assisted layups before moving onto our Defensive Shuffle Drill, Five Point Shooting Drill or Drop Step Defense Drill. Also keep in mind, before any resisted training session it is important that we get loose properly. Here at we have both a men's and women's basketball dynamic warm-up. Please utilize one of these warm-ups before any training drills. 


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