Youth Pitching Drill | Power Position Sliders

Youth Pitching Drill | Power Position Sliders

One of the best ways to train youth pitchers is by developing strength and stability during the throwing motion. Exercises that are specific to the sport they are playing helps youth pitchers stay motivated. The Power Position Sliders Drill is a drill that is great for improving leg drive and hip stability laterally towards home plate. It's an exceptional drill that builds balance and power in the delivery while not worrying about where the ball is going to go each individual rep. Many times youth baseball players struggle with accuracy, so this is a great drill to focus on their strength without worrying about the accuracy of their throws.



Youth Pitching Power Position Technique

Body positioning is key to this drill. We must make the drill as similar to the throwing motion as possible while still building strength. Be sure that on each individual jump youth pitchers maintain an upright chest position. Remember, throwing is a rotational movement and with greater separation between the hips and shoulders pitchers will develop more velocity. The only way to truly rotate and maximize separation is by keeping an upright chest position. Granted, there are many different throwing deliveries, but physics remain the same. The spine must rotate in an upright position to separate the shoulders from the hips. By hunching over youth pitchers will struggle when it comes to their actual delivery. Creating bad habits during strength training is something we must limit.

Now that youth pitchers understand chest alignment, it's now time to look at our hips and leg action. The first step is getting lateral power. During the throwing motion, driving off the rubber we will help develop momentum for hip rotation. As the hips rotate, the trunk will then follow leading to arm whip, and finally throwing velocity. During this lateral drive off the mound we will develop the momentum needed for velocity. The same holds true for the Power Position Sliders. We will be working on this first phase of the pitching delivery. Youth pitchers need to jump as far as they can while maintaining the proper chest position. As pitchers land they will raise their inner leg to a natural stationary position similar to their throwing motion. The height of the inside leg should be no lower than belt height. More advanced athletes may want to raise above the belt, while less advanced athletes may be slightly below the belt.

As the inside knee reaches the peak, youth pitchers will now focus on balance. Maintain the balance position for 2 to 3 seconds before exploding back to the original leg. To optimize your results during the Power Position Sliders it's important to drive from each leg in a similar way do you drive to home plate. What this means is driving with your inside hip rather than lunging or hopping over an object. Drive through the resistance leading with the hip and lunge to the other leg.


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How Many Reps

You will complete this motion for 12 to 15 seconds before taking a break. Move through 5 to 6 resisted sets followed by 1 un-resisted set. Youth pitchers will notice a dramatic difference in the way their legs feel from resisted sets to un-resisted sets. When holding the power position the lower leg will have to fire throughout the glutes and hamstrings to maintain balance in a single leg position. The front leg will be forced to fire the hip flexor, as well as the quads, to hold the leg up for the 2 to 3 second stationary hold. Youth baseball pitchers may feel more of a burn in their base leg than their lifted leg which is okay. Often times athletes have stronger hip flexor's than glutes at this age. Continue through the rep sequences and work to the burn.

Youth Pitchers Advance To Five-Step Throwing Progression

The Power Position Sliders is an amazing drill that will build lateral strength and power throughout the leg drive phase of throwing. As each athlete becomes stronger and feels more comfortable with this drill, it's time to incorporate throwing. Spend some time with our Kbands Throwing Progression and develop the proper arm action and body mechanics. During the five-step series you will move into three different elements of the throwing motion. First we'll begin with wrist action, moving into rotational work, and then finally putting it all together with complete throws.

It is essential that baseball players spend time building complete strength and conditioning their bodies for the game of baseball. Throwing is one of the worst things that you can do to your arm so it's very important that you keep your arm in shape and develop your hips properly so you can throw the baseball. In addition to the throwing progression be sure to utilize the KB Powerbands Shoulder Progression as well. This series of exercises will help strengthen your shoulder and rotator cuff adding durability and longevity to your throwing career. The Shoulder Progression workout can be done with athletes of all ages. Get started training today and let us know if you have any questions with the chat box at the lower left of the website.


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