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Strength Training for Wrestlers

Wrestling requires both mental and physical strength. Wrestlers spend many hours training for the six minutes or less spent on the mat during a match. The difference of a match often comes down to the wrestler with the greatest strength and endurance as well as determination. A wrestler’s opponent does not just stand still. The strength of a wrestler is often different than the strength found in the weight room. Wrestlers should be able to squat, complete lunges, and increase power and strength, but it is also very important to be able to move a moving opponent. Unlike weight lifters, wrestlers are constantly moving and activating all their muscles during a match. Using bodyweight will increase wrestling strength while working the core. Wrestlers must be able to move an object that moves against them so this drill is great for an off balanced weight. The video below shows the “pick up the man strength training” in action.  




Body Weight Strength and Endurance

It takes incredible stamina to endure an opponent’s exerted force in heavy battle for six minutes. Six minutes does not seem like a long time until you’re the one who’s on the mat. For the first exercise in the video below, wrestlers will work on staying in motion with the force of body weight against them. Body weight exercises are great for wrestlers because they are continuously pushing their body against their opponent during a match. Wrestlers must be able to perform takedowns, escapes and other wrestling specific moves with this continued weight against them. Intensity during practice results in intense matches. Training with a partner prepares wrestlers because it stimulates the battle like competition of the partner’s body weight resistance.

For this drill each wrestler will get with a partner of similar weight and stand on the drill starting line. There should be 15 yards in between them and the wall. One of the partners picks up their partner and moves as quickly as they can 10 to 12 yards towards the wall. They must pick up their partner from the lower abs or hips so that their legs are high enough off the ground for the athlete to run. This portion of the drill is great for wrestling strength. Wrestlers will learn how to pick up an opponent and move an object that moves against them. As the wrestler reaches the 10 to 12 yard range, which will leave them about 3 yards from the wall, then they will drop their partner and move quickly to the wall. As the wrestlers line up along the wall they will get into a 45° running stance with hands placed on the wall. 

Wall Runners | Speed and Explosiveness

When the athletes are in the 45° angle with the wall their backs must be flat. This portion of the drill will add a little bit of endurance and explosive running to increase hip flexor strength and glute strength. Wrestlers will listen to their coach or instructor and continue doing high knees for 10 to 15 seconds. Wrestlers need to keep a flat back because as they tire their butts begin sticking out. After the 10 or 15 seconds, wrestlers should then turn around, grab their partner and run back to the starting position and switch. Complete this sequence of exercises for 6 to 10 reps depending on the wrestler’s capabilities. Do not overdo it. Form is essential for this drill.  Kbands will increase the resistance added to the legs during this portion of the drill so wrestler's legs will fatigue quickly. Follow the time sequence given for optimal results. 

Athlete Performance Pack

Are you ready to be a step above the wrestling competition?  Kbands Training Athlete Performance Pack is designed to help improve speed, build strength, and make wrestlers more explosive during a practice and to perform on the mat. Kbands Athlete Performance Pack includes a set of lower Kbands as well as a speed, agility, and core training video that wrestlers are able to use at home or easily pack in their bag for on the go. Use the Kbands resistance training drills in our Athlete Performance Pack video to develop the strength and power to perform explosive moves. Our training will help you warm-up, stretch, practice and perform with intensity. This is a great way to improve skills and techniques with increased strength and explosive power.  


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