Explosive Power for High School Wrestlers


Wrestling | Weight Lifting and Power

Do you have the ability to move your own bodyweight through the air? Wrestlers must be able to stabilize and manipulate their own body as well as the body of their opponent. This is why wrestlers need to be able to develop bodyweight power and strength. It is beneficial to use the bodyweight of another person to train in a wrestling specific manner. Coaches that use a variety of exercises where their wrestlers lift and move a partner’s bodyweight are preparing them to better manipulate their opponent during a match. Equal weight partner lifting is great for preparing wrestlers to move and control their opponent. Wrestlers must progressively challenge their muscles to increase strength. If a wrestler wants the edge over their opponent then the key is to be stronger than their opponent. Wrestlers are different because they are not working isolated muscles. They must be able to use all the muscle groups at the same time. Same weight resistance exercises put the pressure on a wrestler that they will face on the mat. Weight training through same body weight exercises enables wrestlers to achieve muscular endurance and strengthen muscles. Using partner body weight exercise will add an additional moveable load on a wrestlers core to increase strength and body control. 




Pick up the Man and Sprawl

The form and technique of this drill are very important. Begin by having wrestlers partner-up by same weight. One partner stands behind the other. Work with a wide base grabbing the partner at the lower abs or hip line and drive the opponent up. Lift the partner up, drop down, and lift up again in a continuous motion. Wrestlers must remember to lift with their legs not their back. Wrestlers should toss their opponent, let their opponent land, and then grab their opponent to throw them up in the air again. This is great for wrestlers to develop explosive power in the hips, glutes, and core. Wrestlers who are able to move their opponent's body weight are much more effective on the mat than those able to move dead weight. This will also help wrestlers work to control their opponent when grappling.  


Sequence 2 | Sprawl

After the wrestler throws their opponent 4 to 6 times the coach or trainer will then instruct the wrestlers to sprawl. The wrestler should then sprawl and immediately get up and move back towards their partner. If the instructor says to sprawl again then the wrestler will immediately sprawl. The key to this drill is reacting as soon as the instructor informs the wrestler to do something. They either are sprawling or picking up their opponent and tossing them in the air. Continue this sequence until wrestlers begin to fade. It is important to work at 100% intensity and as soon as form or pace begins to slow coaches and trainers must stop the exercise. There is a technique to this. It is essential that coaches, trainers, or whoever is working with the athlete learns how to read their wrestlers bodies so that as soon as they show signs of fatigue they stop the drill. Training like this will increase wrestler’s strength and explosive power. By using this as a conditioning drill and completely fatiguing the body the wrestler will not receive explosive benefits. It will simply be a conditioning drill that will not continue to increase a wrestler’s abilities.

Win or Dominate

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