Weighted Sled Speed Training Drill For Improved Stride Length

Weighted Sled Speed Training Drill For Improved Stride Length

Have you ever used a weighted sled? Weighted sleds can be an effective way to increase your stride length. By developing more power off the ground, you will have the ability to drive with power increasing the amount of distance gained from each stride. Take a look at the two exercises in the video below incorporating the weighted sled.



Push The Weighted Sled

The first sequence you will be facing the weighted sled. Bend over and grab the sled with your arms. Next, drive your legs and power through the weight. Do not add too much resistance. More is not always better. You should be able to effectively maintain proper form driving your knees up and pushing through the ground. In this position it will be challenging to maintain a flat back. Keep your core tight and sprint quickly for 15 yards.

Drag The Weighted Sled To Increase Your Speed

The second sequence you will be dragging the sled. Again, do not add too much resistance. Running form is important. Creating bad habits with resistance will only hurt you and diminish your gains. Run 20 yard sprints during the drag sprint portion. Focus as you accelerate through the line. Drive your knees up and maintain a slight tilt forward during each set.


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Why Use Weighted Sleds

Weighted sleds are a great tool utilized to help build stride length. If you want to increase your speed then you must focus on either stride length or stride frequency. Adding resistance in this fashion will help with power off the ground. Sprint with intensity and challenge yourself every repetition.