What’s the Best Chest Exercises to Do at Home-Kbands Live 156


What’s the Best Chest Exercises to Do at Home-Kbands Live 156

There are lots of exercises that will develop your chest muscles. Is there one set of exercises that will give the best results for a bigger and well-defined chest? Sure, it’s the set that you will continually and consistently perform. It’s the set you complete with the best form. It’s the set that you complete to failure each time. It’s the superset that moves the most blood to the area during the workout. Watch the video to get information on chest exercises and new workout ideas that will change the way you have been lifting weights and help you get new gains in strength and size. Trevor will explain in detail these new approaches to working out that you should include in your at home workout routines. Complete Kbands Live Fitness 156 and start building a bigger, well-defined chest that your friends will be talking about.




How Is This Chest Workout Different?

Most people perform flat bench presses to develop a larger chest. This is where everyone new to working out starts. The video will challenge that approach and offer unique new ways to work your chest that you can safely perform alone if you don’t have a spotter for heavy weights. The video will give you new ideas that can be easily added to your at home chest workouts. This chest workout is unique and different because it isn’t about moving heavy weights but focuses on increasing the:

• Volume Of Exercises Performed
• Blood Flow To The Chest
• Frequency Of Workouts
• Number Of Reps In Each Workout
• Time The Muscle Is Under Tension
• Emphasis On Muscle Contraction During Each Rep

Tell Me More

The workouts performed in the video are supersets performed using the Fusion Cables Home Training System, body weight, and a barbell. The workouts are unique because of the number of reps you will perform of each exercise in the superset. The exercises have you using a lighter weight but dramatically increasing the reps. The lighter weight may sound easier but when coupled with the higher reps you will be torching your chest muscles in every set. You should be completing each exercise 15-30 times in each set. No more 3 sets of 10. Each set should last between 15-30 seconds. Increasing the reps in each workout increases the time the muscle is under tension. More reps and time under tension means tiny muscle tears for greater gains. Normal weight lifting has you completing 10-12 reps in about 10-15 seconds. Our approach has the muscle working for a longer period of time.

In addition to increasing the time under tension because of the high rep ranges we also talk about effectively working the muscles during the movement. When performing the Fusion Cables Chest Fly it is important to maintain good form: chest up, shoulders back, and split your feet for balance. While performing this exercise in the superset ensure you are getting a big stretch in the chest in the back of the movement and contract the muscles on the front side during the extension. Squeeze the muscles and maintain a slight 3-4 second hold. Always control the Fusion Cables throughout the entire chest movement. This will increase the blood flow to the area and make the muscle grow. Listen closely as Trevor describes each exercise and how it should be properly performed to get maximum benefits and results.

Benefits of This Workout Style

There are many benefits to this method of working out. Traditional bench press has you lifting heavy weights for 3 sets. This can be dangerous with no spotter. Using lighter weights, but dramatically increasing the number of reps in each set, will also provide you great benefits. You have taken the danger factor out of potentially dropping the heavy weights and causing injury to yourself. You will be working the muscle longer in each set completely torching the muscle in every set.

If you are a “hard gainer”. A person who works out consistently and doesn’t seem to the get results then you should try this training approach. Trevor and Carl workout every day doing high volume with light weights. Both have seen gains over the last 6-8 months. This training style works because the muscle, though fatigued after each workout session, can recover before the next session, the next day. We also don’t do the exact same exercise day after day. This means the exercises hit the muscle from a slightly different angle, still allowing a little rest but also challenging the muscle to continue to grow and develop.

During each rep of any exercise always make sure you a focused on the muscle being worked. Focus on muscle contraction at the top of the movement. Control the weights on the way down and don’t let them quickly drop. Controlling the ascent and descent of the exercise requires the muscles to be engaged and actively working throughout the entire routine. Try not to use other surrounding muscles to move the weight. Only use the muscle that is targeted in the exercise. This ensures the targeted muscle gets all of the focus and benefit from the chest exercises. These minor changes will provide huge benefits in your muscle development and improve your workout results. Working out this way will increase the blood flow to the area being worked in every workout rep and set. The increased blood will help to heal any current injuries or even better yet, prevent future injuries.

Final Thoughts

If you start using this workout style you must always listen to your body. You know the difference between muscle soreness, from working out, and muscle pain, from injury. If performing an exercise causes pain to a particular muscle then back off. Don’t work that muscle the next day. You have plenty of other muscles to work to develop a proportionate and well-defined body. Try this style of workout and let us know if you begin to get the gains that we have seen.


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