Tug Of War Conditioning Drill for Athletes

Tug Of War Conditioning Drill for Athletes

Published by Trevor Theismann on 21st Jun 2023

Are you looking for a favorite drill to finish up your workout session? Tug of war conditioning drill for athletes is about the best that there is. It is far too common for us to focus on our upper body parts, often neglecting the legs. Your entire lower limb muscles are responsible for a significant portion of your balance and strength. Thus, they must be given the workout that they deserve.

With the tug of war conditioning drill for athletes, you create a game out of the training session. You also get to give yourself a good cardiovascular workout all through.

How to carry out the tug of war conditioning drill for athletes?

Similar to the age-old tug-of-war game in many aspects, this drill is different in that there is an anchor, and there is a puller. The tug of war conditioning drill for athletes is a form of back-pedal and drag exercise. It involves the following steps:

  • Grab a pair of Victory Ropes.
  • Put the strap of the ropes on each hand and proceed to hold the rubber neck.
  • Your partner represents the anchor in one direction.
  • Stretch the Victory Ropes out, creating loads of tension, while your partner builds resistance. You should attempt to drag back as fast you can, while the anchor slowly treads forward.
  • You can set up cones at a fair distance, say, 15 feet apart. These cones serve as a landmark for you.
  • After the drill, you can switch up roles so that the anchor becomes the puller. You can now reciprocate the favor by repeating the same process for the new puller.

  • Tips to remember

    You should start at an easy pace first as you familiarize yourself with the tug of war conditioning drill for athletes. There is a tendency to overdrive things initially. However, doing this first often produces better results.

    Athletes who start the drill first as the puller are going to get fatigued, particularly faster than the starting anchor, so always switch starting roles and rest at intervals as you flip around.

    Trust the Victory Ropes. Made with premium materials, safety sleeves, and four multiflex resistance bands on the inside, the chances of the ropes is zero. Some form of hesitation on the ropes restricts some intrinsic movements on your muscles and does not give them the best workout.

    Good spinal alignment and posture are needed to effectively roast those quads rather than building more arm strength, which is not the main focus here.

    Prepare to roast!

    The tug of war conditioning drill for athletes is a mainstay for your quads and back. You can find out more ways to put your body in its optimum condition as you go through the shop tabs and training areas on this site. Let the war begin!

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