Kbands Speed Rapid Response Team Training - Drill 1116

Kbands Speed Rapid Response Team Training - Drill 1116

25th Oct 2019

Rapid Response Training

During this rapid response drill you will work on your reaction time and leg strength. There are going to be a couple different formats. First, you complete a double leg up-and-down motion. Athletes will then listen to the trainer. The trainer will call out left or right. The athlete will then rotate his or her hips quickly to mimic the direction called out. The next variation will incorporate alternating feet. After that skill is mastered, athletes will then add forward momentum. Review the video to understand how to transition from each move. Finally, as the athletes master all of the movements, you will then add in a tuck jump before the exercise is completed. Each of these transitions will be harder than the one before. Challenge yourself as you complete this exercise.

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