Increase Hip Mobility With Resisted Wall Swings

Increase Hip Mobility With Resisted Wall Swings

19th Feb 2019

Increase Hip Mobility With Resisted Wall Swings

Hip mobility is an important element of athletic training. Having the ability to move through full range of motion in your hips can help prevent injuries and get your body loose for competition. This simple exercise can be completed just before intense training to help not only increase range of motion, but build strength as well.

Start With Side Raises

Begin with your hands shoulder height and placed on the wall. Next, lift your leg out to the side with your Infinity Loop Hip Bands around your lower thigh. We suggest utilizing either the red or the white Infinity Loop Bands for this drill.

Complete 6 to 10 side raises with both legs. Focus on raising your heel out to the side rather than your toe. Rotating the leg outward will move the muscle contraction into the hip flexor. Our goal during this portion of the drill is to target the glutes and piriformis muscles.

Now Let’s Swing

After the activation sets, start swinging your legs from left to right. Complete 10 swings with the right leg and then 10 swings with the left leg. Maintain proper heel alignment during this portion as well. Every swing your focus should be on reaching as high as you can on the interior and exterior swinging motion.

Drop The Resistance

After a couple rounds of the resistance, take off the Infinity Loop Bands and complete a round unresisted. Your legs will be feeling very light so swing them as high as you can.

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