Dip Your Way To A Low Body Fat | Benefits of Calisthenics

Dip Your Way To A Low Body Fat | Benefits of Calisthenics

3rd Jan 2019


Dip Your Way To A Low Body Fat | Benefits of Calisthenics

Are you in search of a low body fat? It’s time that you start working hard with calisthenics exercises. Often times bodybuilders incorporate large weights, but if you analyze their work out you will notice a combination of calisthenics exercises towards the end. Calisthenics are great way to burn the most amount of calories during your workout while still challenging your muscles. As you become stronger, calisthenics exercises can help take the tension out of tendons and ligaments while still allowing a great workout for the muscles.

Why Are Dips So Good

Dips are in amazing exercise that will help incorporate multiple muscle groups. If you can do the dip correctly you can target the chest, shoulders, triceps, and core. Often times, the dip is done very inefficiently. Novice individuals may find the dip to be very challenging and painful in the shoulder. A resistance band is a great way to assist these types of motions until you are stronger. Activating the correct muscle groups is very important. The dip should not be completed in a fashion that hurts your shoulders.

Adjusting The Weight And Lowering Your Body Fat

One of the greatest things about calisthenics and dips is that you can adjust the weight on the fly. To build muscle it is required to increase the load or volume the muscle is capable of. This either means increase in they wait the muscle is lifting, or increasing the amount of repetitions during a set period. With calisthenics volume is our focus. As you become more advanced with calisthenics you need to complete as many repetitions as possible every set. After a slight warm-up, every set that follows should be to failure. You must take the muscles as far as you can handle with great time under tension. As you become stronger the repetitions must increase.

Variety Is Key

As you can see in the video, there are many different forms of the dip that you can complete. As you become more advanced you can utilize different angles and knee positions to make them more difficult. As soon as you can complete over 20 repetitions with the dip, you should then start incorporating these more difficult angles. Keep the muscles guessing and challenge the number of repetitions you can complete. The longer you can hold your weight and complete repetitions the more calories you will burn. Calisthenics make it easy to shred body fat because of these high heart rate intense exercises.

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