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Daily Workout Routine | Kbands Live Fitness

6th Mar 2019

Daily Workout Routine

If you are tired of doing the same exercises at home then these can easily be added to your daily workout routine. Working out doesn’t have to be repetitive and boring. Actually it is better if you have variety and the Fusion Cables Home Training System provides this variety and flexibility so you want to keep doing your daily workout routine. You can easily and quickly transition between exercises so you can work multiple muscles groups in the same home workout session. Everyone wants to work their core, back and lats so you will have broad shoulders and a smaller waist. The following series of exercises will switch up your home daily workout routine and will target these specific muscles groups.

Fusion Cables Seated Rows

We will start with the Fusion Cables Seated Rows. This exercise will target your lat muscles in the back and work the abs indirectly. Attach a Fusion Cables to each of the Fusion Wall Mounts. Thread a Fusion Strap through the end of each of the Fusion Cables and thread the end of the long loop through the short end of the Fusion Strap. Attach 2 Fusion Handles to the large loop and move off the wall into a seated position so you will have a good range of motion with continual resistance. Use your feet for leverage so you can increase the resistance by moving farther off the wall. This will help ensure you get the maximum amount of resistance and the maximum amount of benefit.

There should be no slack in the Fusion Cables at the top or bottom of the movement in the daily workout routine. Begin with 12 slow concentrated reps pulling back with the arms and driving your elbows back. At the top of the movement make sure you have a static hold of 3 seconds before reaching forward and starting the next rep. During this static hold squeeze your shoulder blades together. Keep your arms straight as well as your wrists. Do not curl your wrists or you will feel it in your forearms and elbows. After completing 12 slow reps then quickly move into a faster pace of 8 reps. This will put your muscles over the top and should have you burning.

When you finish the rapid fire set take a 60 second break. After the break perform 2 more sets of 10 reps and 8 reps at the slower contracted pace finishing each set with the rapid fire 8 rep pace. This daily workout routine should have your lats firing and ready to move into the Fusion Cables Reverse Crossover.

Fusion Cables Reverse Crossover

The Fusion Cables Reverse Crossover exercise will target your upper body and tighten your midsection. This exercise will primarily work the obliques in your core but will also work your legs. Get set up by placing a pair of Fusion Cables on the top mount that is the right resistance that will be challenging throughout the entire exercise set. You should be failing at the end of each set. Place the Fusion Cables Handles on the end of each resistance band and move off the wall.

Your toes should be facing the wall. You will be working across your body like you are putting your hand in the opposite pocket. Sit down in your legs. Reach over while squatting in your hips and knees, turning your trunk and staying soft in your knees. This is a rhythm exercise that you should feel in your obliques and legs. If you are not feeling it in your obliques then you are probably not rotating far enough. You want to work to the side of your body not in the front plane of the body. Make sure you fully rotating and twisting to the opposite side when completing the movement.

This exercise is great because it can be performed at different speeds to keep it interesting and challenging so you want to keep it in your daily workout routines. Make sure you are using the resistance band that has you failing at the end of each set. Perform 4 sets of 20 rotations with a 60 second break between sets. Experiment between high paced sets and slower more controlled sets squeezing the muscles during the entire daily workout routine. When you have your obliques burning we will move into the Fusion Cables Crunches. Use the final rest period to get set up for the next exercise in this series.

Fusion Cables Crunches

Fusion Cables Crunches will work the front of your abs in the third exercise in the Daily Workout Routine. You worked the abs indirectly in the Seated Rows and the Reverse Crossover. Now it is time to target them directly. Attach a Fusion Strap to a low mount and thread the appropriate level of resistance band that will be challenging and cause failure at the end of each set. Attach a Fusion handle to both ends of the band and move off the wall so there is no slack in the resistance band.

Set the Fusion Handles on your chest, resting on your pecs, with your knuckles pointed to the sky. Crunch up and get great activation. You want a good range of motion. Make sure your back stays flat and comes off the ground pushing your chin to the ceiling. Don’t just roll your neck up. This does not work the abs. You have to get your back off the ground and elevated. Complete 4 sets of 15-20 reps.

Take a 30 second break between each set. Your abs should be burning at the end of each set.If they are not burning then increase the resistance or the number of reps. The Fusion Cables Home Training System is easy to adjust so you are getting great results with every Daily Workout Routine.

This Daily Workout Routine will change a boring workout into a workout that will give you results. Your muscles have memory and get comfortable with what you are doing if you do it continually. It is important to change your Daily Workout Routine so you will continue to get results. It is also important so you will continue performing your at home workouts. Keep them challenging and see the results. Remember to always work under tension so you are getting maximum benefit from every workout.

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