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Kbands Toning Workout for Women: Pointer Flares

Thousands of toning workouts for women exist, but the unique utilization of the Kbands Leg Resistance Band for the pointer flares toning workout set the pointer flares apart. Using the uniquely designed Kbands Leg Resistance Bands will increase fat burn, muscle definition, heart rate, and help women achieve perfectly toned legs and buns. The Kbands pointer flares exercise is an incredibly effective addition to any workout for women that will shape the body as well as increase hip strength and power for heightened athletic performance.



The most important piece of equipment used during the pointer flares toning workout for women are the Kbands Leg Resistance Bands. They are simple to use and will increase resistance during this toning exercise for maximum calorie burn, increased tone, and increased strength.

The greatest advantage to adding extra resistance to toning workouts for women is the increase in fat burn by getting the heart rate up and activating more muscle groups than body weight exercises alone. Kbands Leg Resistance Bands are a simple way to increase power and strength of the hips and glutes; making the Kbands pointer flares an extremely dynamic and powerful exercise.

The pointer flares mainly target glutes and hips; the core and arms are also activated and the user will feel the burn. By adding the Kbands Leg Resistance Bands to this workout for women, muscles will be on fire and women will be able to get those strong and lean legs that are desired.

Toning Workout for Women: Pointer Flares Form and Equipment

The only equipment needed for Kbands pointer flares are the Kbands Leg Resistance Bands and a towel or mat if the exercise is being performed on a hard surface. A towel or mat may be necessary to protect the knee joint from any undue strain. The Kbands Leg Resistance Bands should be strapped on comfortably just above the knees and the proper resistance bands clipped onto the rings; one resistance band in the front and one resistance band in the back.

Proper form is as follows; pointer flares are performed on all fours; wrist inline with the shoulder and knees inline with the hips. Spine is in proper alignment and not arched in any direction. The benefits of proper form are two fold; during the pointer flares form is vital for optimal muscle activation and for prevention of injury. Maintaining alignment of the spine during execution will increase overall core activation and toning. By keeping the ankle inline with the hip during the side flare portion of the pointer flares there is a huge burn of the glutes and lateral leg muscles. Best results will be achieved with proper form. Refer to the video for a visual example.

Toning Workout for Women: Pointer Flares Execution

This toning workout is a traditional bird dog with a flare. The pointer flares are a toning workout for women looking to target hips, glutes, and core. It is important to stretch and warm up muscles before any toning workout routine. Warming up ensures the muscles are warm and ready to perform and prevents injury.

Executing the pointer flares is simple; start in the all fours position, extend one leg back and parallel to the ground while simultaneously extending the opposite arm forward and parallel to the ground. Next, swing the leg to the outside, still parallel to the ground and ankle inline with the hip. When swinging the leg out, the opposite arm is brought back to the ground for support. The body may sway to the opposite side of the moving leg to allow room for hip movement. Be patient if it is difficult to keep the leg up, this routine is building muscle and may take time and practice. Finally, swing the leg back and extend the opposite arm forward again. This move has given us two points and a flare for an effective toning workout for women.


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Toning Workout for Women: Pointer Flares Reps, Sets, and Rest

Repetitions are important in any toning workout for women to increase muscular strength and endurance. Repetition and multiple sets equal change and toned legs that will last. So for the pointer flares workout for women, there will be 3 sets of 15 repetitions on each leg. The hips and glutes should be burning and users should be almost unable to complete the last rep, if this isn’t the case increase the reps to 20 or increase resistance. If unable to complete the full 15 repetitions per set, bring the repetitions down to 12 per set.

There should be a 30 second rest period between each set. This rest period may be most comfortable remaining on all fours or standing up and shaking out the legs. Rest between sets is important for muscular strength and endurance.

Toning Workout for Women: Pointer Flares Results and Performance

The Kbands pointer flares are activating multiple muscle groups at once. That means this workout for women is highly effective for targeting problem areas and the addition of the Kbands Leg Resistance Band is a killer calorie and fat burn for maximum toning results. By strengthening the glutes, hips, and core the results are more lean muscle, increased sport performance and power, and being in better shape. This toning exercise is more intense than it looks and will leave glutes and legs burning by the end.

The pointer flares toning workout for women will result in more intense results when coupled with more toning workouts that target other set of muscles. A large variety toning workouts for women can be found at

Toning Workout for Women: Pointer Flares Recovery

Soreness is inevitable with a dynamic and powerful toning exercise like the pointer flares with Kbands Leg Resistance Bands. Taking the time at the end of a workout to static stretching to cool down will allow for a quicker and easier recovery and is recommended for overall joint and muscle health. Incorporate the Kbands Recovery Foam Roller in order to optimize recovery results. The Recovery Foam Roller is effective in releasing muscle tension and increase blood flow leading to a faster recovery. Always refuel and drink plenty of water after any workout. Remember; with any toning workout, muscles aren’t built during the workout but rather in the rest time. This is why recovery with static stretching, the Recovery Foam Roller, and proper nutrients afterward are so vital.


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