Running Workout To Increase Speed and Endurance

Running Workout To Increase Speed and Endurance

Published by Trevor Theismann on 12th Jul 2024

Speed and Endurance and Sport Performance

Speed is the rapidity of movement and endurance is the ability to maintain that movement over a period of time without fatiguing. Increased speed and endurance are sought after by athletes in every arena, because these are key tools to top performance. Any serious athlete has the desire to be faster for longer on the court or field, but it takes hard work and the right running workout to improve that endurance and speed in an efficient way. Kbands running workout to increase speed and endurance utilizes the Victory Ropes in a unique way to push the athlete to their limits and break through any endurance walls holding them back from stronger performance. This particular running workout is a linear speed off of transition shuffle utilizing Victory Ropes for added resistance.

The Kbands Victory Ropes are a great addition to any running workout by adding resistance to increase speed and endurance and power in any sport. Linear speed off of transition shuffle is dynamic and will challenge not only linear but lateral movement and performance, allowing athletes to break through any barriers to peak performance.

Running Workout to Increase Speed and Endurance: Victory Ropes and Anchor

This running workout will utilize the Victory Ropes to increase speed and endurance during sport performance. The Victory Ropes are a dynamic training tool for athletes to add full body resistance during a running workout. The added resistance will challenge the body is a specific way as to increase speed and endurance when the resistance is removed. The user will need a partner to be an anchor for the Victory Rope. The Victory Ropes will be placed around the athletes waste. The anchor must maintain an athletic stance during this running workout to keep up with the athlete and provide the proper resistance for an increase in speed and endurance without the resistance. The anchor should also have the straps placed safely around the wrists, keeping a firm grip on the Victory Ropes and ensuring safety of both themselves and the athlete.

Running Workout to Increase Speed and Endurance: Set Up and Performance

Prepare for the running workout by setting up three rows of two cones that are placed five to eight yards apart. Space the three sets of two cones about eight yards apart from one another for a good sprint distance. Next, place the Victory Ropes around the athletes’ waste and the anchor strap on both of the anchors wrists. A firm grip of the Victory Ropes is vital for safety of both the runner and anchor. Now begin the linear speed off of transition shuffle running workout.

Begin at one corner of the cones and take off explosively, powerfully shuffling laterally back and forth three times from one cone to the other. Once back at the starting cone, sprint forwards against the resistance of the Victory Ropes to the next set of two cones. Really drive the knees up in the sprint and propel the body forward, keeping a tight core. In order to achieve increased speed and endurance really drive through the resistance and push average speed. Drive the knees and drop the chest, always maintaining proper and athletic form to optimize results that will translate from running workout to the sport itself. Repeat the lateral shuffles between the cones and the sprint forward until the last set. After the last shuffle sprint forward about 15 yards away from the cones.

Running Workout to Increase Speed and Endurance: Anchor and Reps

During the shuffle phase of the linear speed running workout, the anchor will lighten up the resistance to allow for fluid movement from one cone to the next. Then, during the linear sprint phase the anchor will tighten the resistance, forcing the athlete to power through the resistance of the Victory Ropes to the next cone. Anchors must be mobile and able to stick with the athlete through the running workout.

Repeat this running workout for 6-8 reps, taking a short break between sets. Then perform 4 sets without the resistance of the Victory Ropes. During these unresisted sets push through the sprint. Do not use this as a rest during the running workout but rather a chance to accelerate and drive the body forward post resistance.

Final Thoughts and Additional Running Workouts

Increasing speed and endurance is key to maintaining a solid run in any sport or activity. Check out these intense running workouts for speed, power, and endurance; How To Build Endurance and Victory Ropes Power Training. These are powerful resources to push performance above all the rest.

In order to maintain a healthy and long running career it is vital to stretch and cool down after a running workout. The cool down and stretch will help to prevent future injury and are vital for joint stability and function. The Recovery Foam Roller is an import tool for runners to keep muscles and joints at optimized function. The function of the Recovery Foam Roller is to penetrate the muscle in a way that increases blood flow and therefore recovery time. When the muscle can get the blood and oxygen it needs the muscle is allowed to recovery more quickly. Always refuel with good nutrition and hydrate after a workout.

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