New Dynamic Warmup For Speed - Great For Football, Track and Baseball

New Dynamic Warmup For Speed - Great For Football, Track and Baseball

Published by Trevor Theismann on 25th May 2021

New Dynamic Warmup For Speed - Great For Football, Track and Baseball

If you are looking for a new dynamic warm-up for speed, this sequence of exercises will help you. Whether you're training for football, track or baseball speed is an important part of the sport. Without getting your body properly warmed up, you run the risk of injury. Take a look at the sequence of exercises in the video below. Each exercise will help activate different areas of your body, and help get you ready for intense exercise.

Breakdown The Dynamic Warm-Up

Lunge and Twist - Complete walking lunges and twist your torso over your front knee.

Lunch and Tip - Complete walking lunges and tip your torso over your front knee.

Walking RDL - Maintain a flat back position as you bend at the waist. Alternate legs as you try to stay as flat as possible.

Karaoke - Find rhythm as you move laterally. Drive your front knee up and over to increase blood flow through the hip flexor.

Power Skips - Drive your front knee high in the air as you explode off the ground. Build momentum with a powerful arm swing.

High Knees - Maintain quick feet bringing your knees up to at least waist height.

Butt Kickers - Focus on your hamstrings and quickly Bring your heel to your butt every stride.

Modified Side Lunge - Shuffle sideways as you lower into alternating side lunges. Next, shuffle two steps and then repeat.

Hip Rotation Drill - While gaining ground forward rotate the hip out and then forward. After 10 yards to go in the other direction. In this direction, do just the opposite. Start with a straight leg position, and then rotate the knee out to the side.

Trunk Twister - Raise your arms to the side and complete a twisting motion from side to side. Keep the hips forward and rotate the top half.

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Should you static stretch or just dynamic stretch

Static stretching is when you hold certain positions stretches can help increase range of motion if done properly. Often times static stretching will not ready your body for explosive movements. Sports require ballistic movements to increase performance. Simply holding a position will not completely ready the body for these types of movements. By utilizing dynamic stretches, you will increase range of motion and blood flow. The extra blood flow will help bring more range of motion as you become more loose.

When should you do static stretching

Static stretching can be completed after your workouts. If you find yourself very sore or beginning to lock up, a static stretch for several minutes can help the recovery process. Do not overstretch though. Holding stretches for too long of durations or forcing range of motion will only hurt your progress. Stick to the dynamic stretches before your workout and static stretches after your workout.

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