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MMA Sports And The Art Of Delivering Perfect Body Kicks

MMA kickboxing is mostly about learning to develop the ability to pack a powerful body kick, whether in offensive or in a defensive capacity. Body kicks are the preferred weapons against an opponent in MMA sports. Learning the fundamentals of executing the perfect kick is crucial to excelling in martial arts, particularly those that require proficiency in striking with the arms and legs. In other words, getting the body kicks right is highly imperative for success in MMA sports. The MMA fighters need to remember that legs are the strongest and most powerful weapon in their hands and need to be better utilized to be able to generate maximal power, which translates into explosive kicks.



Body Kick Combo Workout With Kbands Leg Resistance Bands

In this article, we will discuss the three fundamental types of body kicks as well as how adding resistance will make them more challenging. This unique body kick workout using Kbands Leg Resistance Bands forms the basic arsenal of leg techniques to help fighters perfect the art of MMA kickboxing.

In this body kick drill, we will be moving through three different leg techniques: side, front and combination kicks. The body kicks mentioned on this website will help the MMA fighters not only in packing more power in their body kicks but will also boost their cardio vascular endurance. These kicking drills will also challenge your legs, offering a great work out for the compound muscles in the lower body, such as the glutes, quads, and hamstrings.

Strapping on the Kbands Leg Resistance bands just above the knee will cause a lot of muscle activation. Every time you raise your legs to kick, the movement of knee separation creates a resistance that challenges the hips and the gluteus muscles. If you are opting for a sparring drill, make sure that your partner is wearing kick pads for proper protection. Kick pads help the athletes develop power and technique in their body kicks against a real target, while simultaneously offering protection to the pad holder. The trick to holding the kick pads is that it must mirror the intended targets that the opponent would normally be striking at. Similarly, applying pressure at the point of contact is the foremost rule of holding pads. It ensures that the person delivering kicks gets a good workout, while preventing the pad holder from sustaining any injuries.


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Side Kick Technique

The side-kick leg technique is an easy way to fire up those glutes and hip muscles for increased leg strength. While delivering the side-kick, it is essential to pivot directly in front of your opponent so that the side of your body faces them. In this kick, we use the upper body to develop power on the side of the body. The knee of the kicking leg should be bent at 90 degrees, whereas the supporting foot should pivot 180 degrees. You need to transfer your weight to your leg and laterally kick your right leg up toward the ceiling, stopping when the inner thigh is parallel to the floor. The toes of the striking foot should be either parallel or slightly turned down to maximize impact, and avoid any kind of injury. This drill comprises 3 kicks on each side of the body before moving on to the next leg technique.

Front Kick Technique

This drill will help the athletes tighten the hip flexor muscles and activate the quad muscles for an intense leg workout. In this type of kick, the striking surface is the ball of the foot, and the target area is usually directly in front of the kicker. To get the right stance, you need to position the foot by pulling the toes back and pointing the foot out. Ensure that you knee is bent at a 90-degree angle, then lift the leg high and hit the target. You need to perform 3 kicks for 4 sets before switching to the combination kicks.

Combination Kickboxing Techniques

Practicing standalone kicks and punches during training is fine, but the athletes must remember that throwing isolated punches or kicks does not win a fight. They need to practice throwing a series of kicks and punches together, in disciplined combinations. Therefore, this drill puts together different movements, such as throw-kick, throw-hand combinations to notch up the intensity of the workout. Once you are comfortable with the kicks, you need to add more reps; it is all about practice. After all, the key to being a good MMA fighter is having good kicking and boxing skills that work together.

As mentioned earlier, the success in MMA kickboxing depends not only on technique but also on explosiveness and power, both of which come from the lower body. Therefore, if you are looking for more ways to step up the challenge in your leg workout and develop explosive power, look no further! Our Kbands Leg Resistance Bands will help you stay on top of your game by complementing your kickboxing workout with just the right amount of resistance in your legs that will pack power in your punches and body kicks.


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