Kickboxing Training For Beginners At Home


Kickboxing Training For Beginners At Home

If you’re new to kickboxing there is a lot to learn. However, kickboxing can be a very fun energetic sport. If you are utilizing kickboxing for fitness, there are many exercises that you can do to increase your stamina and leg strength. If you are utilizing kickboxing drills to help with your performance during competition there are many drills that you can effectively do to improve your performance. Let’s take a look at the video we break down three Kbands exercises for kickboxing.




Combo Kicks For Beginners

Fun exercise to do with Kbands is going to be the front kick sidekick combination. First, you will take a stride followed by front kick. Next, another front kick and then turn your hips to the side for a powerful sidekick. These exercises should be completed with high knee separation. Raise your leg up and threw the resistance getting optimal range of motion. Increase or decrease the resistance to make sure that your kicks are high.


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Lateral Movement Plus Sidekick

During this exercise you’ll shuffle to the side and then powerfully sidekick. Complete repetitions with one leg, or alternate legs during this drill. The key is to be light on your feet and make sure that you get your leg out to the side driving through the resistance. Always work on the balls of your feet and quickly transition from the shuffle to the kick.

Bring A Little Cardio To Your Kickboxing

Kickboxing requires a lot of stamina. If you are in competition or just utilizing kickboxing exercises for a better workout, challenge yourself during this drill. Continually front kick as you gain ground on whatever surface you have decided to train on. Alternate legs for 30 seconds pushing your cardiovascular abilities. Push the pace and then take a break.


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