Jump30 Cheerleading Jump Height Digital Trainer

Jump30 Cheerleading Jump Height Digital Trainer

Published by Trevor Theismann on 22nd Nov 2021

Jump30 Cheerleading Training Video

Jump30 is a jump height training DVD that will increase your performance in as few as 3 sessions. Trevor Theismann uses Kbands to strengthen your legs for high kicks and soaring jumps all in 30 minutes. Finish each session with a complete stretch routine with your Cheer Stunt Strap for maximum flexibility. Jump30 brings advanced level jump training to your door step.

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Setup Your Training

Take a look at the overview video before training. We will take a closer look at how often you should complete this workout and the proper order of each workout video.

Flexibility Training

Toe Touches and scorpions have never been so easy with the flexibility you will gain from Trevor's stretch routine. Using your stunt strap you will be able to improve your flexibility quickly.

Jump Training

Fly like an all star after you move through the jump training segment of Jump30. During each exercise you will feel the difference in how your body performs. Jump higher today with Jump30.

Stunt Training

With Kbands your stunts will reach a new peak. With lighter feeling legs and improved jump height you will be noticed. As soon as you finish training you will be ready to compete with explosive jumps and kicks.

Put On Kbands

Putting on Kbands is easy. Follow along with the video and you will be ready to begin your training with Kbands in no time.

Jump30 Cheerleading Tips

After five weeks of Jump30 you will feel and see the difference in your jumps, flexibility, and confidence in your stunts. Trevor Theismann's advanced training style utilizes Kbands to strengthen muscles specific to athletic performance. Each session focuses on what you need to perform at your best. More flexibility and stunt specific resisted training is exactly what you need to compete at the highest level.

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