Improve Hip Flexor Strength and Drive

Sprinter Park Workout To Improve Hip Flexor Strength and Drive

Are you a sprinter looking to increase your speed? There are a lot of drills out there that can help you achieve your goals. Athletes spend a lot of time at the park or gym trying to perfect their skills. If you find yourself at a park looking for a great drill to help improve hip flexor strength find a step. A step about waist height can help you greatly when trying to improve running form. Check out the video below as we take a closer look.



Step Height Matters

When you take the time to look around at a park you’ll see all sorts of step-up objects. Whether it be a step, bench, or even a rock you will be able to utilize this for your training. Find an object with a flat surface about waist high. If you cannot find an object at this height, find something slightly shorter than your waist. Using an object too high will only diminish the results of this drill.


Increase Speed With Kbands


Step Up With Force

To begin this drill, place your lead leg on top of the object. Strap on your Kbands and ready yourself for the beginning of this sequence. Place your arms in a running position opposite to your legs. Next, explosively drive your arms through full range of motion, and bring your rear leg up above waist high. You will feel tremendous resistance on your glutes and hips flexors as you explode into the air. Sprinters must develop these muscles to enhance their speed. Complete 8 to 12 repetitions with your right and left leg as the lead leg.

What You Shouldn’t Do

Remember, whenever you are completing drills at the park you must maintain a few simple rules. Form is everything. Make sure that your legs are moving in line with your hips. Taking your knee across your midline, or swinging your foot out wide will create terrible habits. Maintain linear leg lifts. The arms also should mimic proper running form. Do not fling them, swing them, or move them slowly. Move your arms explosively through full range of motion.

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