How To Run Faster Dribbling Down The Court

How To Run Faster Dribbling Down The Court

Running sprints does not always translate to moving quicker on the basketball court. There are a few key elements that are required to improve your basketball speed. Most of the time speed is only recognized on the defensive end of the court, or accelerating with the basketball. Driving down the court for a breakaway layup is a great way to show off an athlete’s speed. This specific drill combines the power of Kbands Leg Resistance Bands, and a six cone toss drill to amplify your speed training. Take a look at the video below as we analyze the training techniques used to compete at your best.


Run Faster With Proper Form

After watching the training video you see the proper angles to take to increase your speed on the basketball court. Your partner will throw the cones in a challenging angle where you will have to react and accelerate. The cones can be behind you slightly, in front of you, or directly out to the side. The important element is that your partner is challenging distance and reaction time. There should be no hesitation after rounding each cone. As you come up to the last cone you will complete a jump shot or layup.

To begin this drill, strap your Kbands on just above the knee. Anytime that you complete running drills for basketball with Kbands you will feel the difference. Every stride will become more challenging. Every stride you need to drive through and focus on being explosive. The muscle built during these repetitions will increase your basketball speed quickly. If you find that there is too much resistance while using the bands, be sure to cut down on the repetitions before over training. Complete a combination of resisted and unresisted repetitions during this workout.


Play Defense Like The Pros


How Often Should I Do This Drill To Increase My Speed

More advanced athletes should complete 8 to 10 repetitions of this specific workout. Novice athletes should begin with 5 to 6 resisted repetitions. After you build some muscle, you can then add resisted repetitions. Depending on what rep range you fall in, you will then move into unresisted repetitions. Unclip the resistance bands and complete another 2 to 4 repetitions unresisted. This is a great time for you to move with the feather like feeling without resistance. With complete muscle activation your legs will feel light. Run fast and be explosive. Similar to lifting weights, your body will have the ability to accelerate more quickly. Push yourself through the unresisted phase for maximum results.

The Secret To Speed Training

The real secret behind speed training is maximizing your genetics. By completing every repetition with 100% intensity you will ensure your body is maximizing it’s ability to form muscle tissue. Not every muscle group is created equal. Between fast twitch and slow twitch muscle fibers, your body is designed to perform at a certain level. But working at 100% intensity, with resistance, you will be able to maximize your fast twitch muscle fiber recruitment during each repetition. Focus during every repetition on moving as quickly as possible under control. Focused activation will take your body to the next level.

The next element of increasing speed is technique. Your body must move efficiently and under control accelerating at the right moments. Decelerations must also be under control. If you train to be in control of your entire body moving in any direction, ready to accelerate, then your speed on the field will increase. In the game of basketball it is not essential that we have the fastest 40 yard dash. It is more important that we can move quickly in short distances. Pay attention during this drill as we move from cone to cone. Your arm movements and feet must be in sync. Small patter steps on the way to the cone will help slow the body down under control. Driving forward off the back leg will help gain ground forward when you accelerate to the next cone. Footwork is key to your long-term success when building speed in basketball.

What's Next For Your Speed Training

Here at we have hundreds of basketball drills that are focused on developing your speed and acceleration. Click basketball training and scroll through all of the drills that we have here for you. You can focus on shooting, dribbling, defensive work, or even ball handling. Every exercise will help develop your skills with resistance training. Please let us know if you have any questions about your training, or our fantastic training equipment by utilizing the contact us tab near the top of the website. We are available whenever you need us.


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