Full Body Workouts

Full Body Toner

Full Body Toner Kbands Workout

A great cardio workout is one that strengthens the muscles, elevates the heart rate and burns fat all at the same time. This workout accomplishes all three and uses the added resistance of the Kbands fitness bands to generate even greater benefits.

Equipment Used: Kbands
Full Body Workout

Strength and Definition with this Full Body Workout

Are you looking for a workout that can help you tone your body and add strength and definition to your glutes, legs, and core? Try this toning workout and follow along as the Kbands trainers demonstrate these full body conditioning exercise.

Equipment Used: KB Duo
Outdoor FX

Kbands Outdoor FX | Video Trainer

Build strength, body control and lose body fat with Kbands Outdoor FX. This outdoor workout program will allow you to train anywhere maximizing your results. No need for a gym with Kbands Outdoor FX. Take the challenge now.

Equipment Used: Kbands, KB Duo, KB Powerbands
Full Body Workout challenge

Take the 20 Minute Workout Challenge

Are you ready for a challenge workout that can help develop strength in the muscles of legs, core, and upper body at the same time? Test yourself with this 20 minute workout challenge and see how many reps you can complete before the times up.

Equipment Used: Kbands
Dynamic strength XP

Dynamic Strength XP Strength Training

Buid explosive power with Dynamic Strength XP. Add a new element to your workouts with suspension training and push every rep to failure with the perfect amount of resistance. Start training now.

Equipment Used: KB Duo
Summer Workout Challenge

Build Upper Body Strength In Time for the Summer

Tone and define the muscles of the triceps, shoulders and chest with this powerful summer workout.

Equipment Used: Kbands
Circuit Training Leg Day

Circuit Training: Leg Exercises

Looking for quick set of leg exercises and upper body toning moves you can do at home? Try this circuit training set with Shannon and move through four basic exercises for 45 seconds each. Keep up the pace.

Equipment Used: Kbands
Inverted Push Up

Chest Workout: Inverted Push Ups

Inverted push-ups and a powerful chest workout like this one can improve performance in almost any sport.

Equipment Used: KB Duo
20 20 20 Upper Body Challenge

20 20 20 | KB Duo Upper Body Workout

Generate powerful arm, shoulder, and upper body strength with this KB Duo upper body workout superset.

Equipment Used: KB Duo
Women Full Body Workout

Quick Workout For Women

Women can workout at home and still see big results. Follow Trevor as he shows you several exercises that you can do wherever you want to workout and still get big results.

Equipment Used: Kbands, KB Duo, KB Powerbands
Upper Body Strength

Heart Rate And Upper Body Strength

This exercise with the KB Duo will kick your tail. Challenge yourself with this exercise and see big results in strength as well as weight loss. Good Luck.

Equipment Used: KB Duo
10 Minute Workout For Women

Ten Minute Exercise For Women

Use this ten minute workout for women to tone and get fit like you have always wanted. Let me show you how to get results today with this Flex2Fit Workout.

Equipment Used: Kbands
5 Minute Workout Challenge

Five Minute Workout Challenge

Take the full body workout challenge! How many times can you complete this set of exercises within five minutes? Find out, then post your results below our blog.

Equipment Used: KB Poerbands, Kbands
Biceps Quads and Core

Fire Up The Biceps, Quads and Core

Try this quick workout on the road or at home for a full body burn. Work you biceps, quads and core in minutes. Squat, curl, and complete dynamic side raise push-ups and tone every inch of your body.

Equipment Used: Kbands, KB Duo


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