Best Women’s Hurdles Drill You Should Be Doing

Best Women’s Hurdles Drill You Should Be Doing

Published by Trevor Theismann on 19th Apr 2023

Best Women's Hurdles Drill You Should Be Doing

To become a world-class women's hurdler, it's important to complete specific drills that will optimize hip activation and rotation. The Kbands Ratchet Drill is an excellent exercise to help women activate their glutes, hips, and hip flexors with resistance bands. Pay close attention to proper form and hip alignment during each ratchet rep. Take a look at the video below as we move through the hurdles demonstration.

To begin this drill, set your hurdle height to a comfortable range at which you can hover your front knee over the hurdle. If you place the hurdle too high, you will eliminate the ability to ratchet quickly without hitting your back leg. If your hurdle height is below the competition height, it is essential to raise the height as you get more comfortable with this drill. To start, set the hurdle at a comfortable height.

Hurdle Training for Women

As you can see, you will utilize Kbands to help with muscle activation and speed during this drill. To begin, raise your front knee over the hurdle. You will instantly feel glute and hip activation in the stationary position. Your glutes will fire on the base leg, and your hip flexors and quads will fire on your front leg. Next, hold this position for a slight hesitation. Keep your chest high, hand position ready, and then explode all in an instant.

Build Speed with the Ratchet Hurdle Drill

Now it's time for action. Explode and ratchet your rear leg over the hurdle and complete several rhythmic steps to follow. The quick explosion over the hurdle is what this drill is all about. As your rear leg comes over the hurdle, Kbands will fire your glutes and improve your hip range of motion with power. You'll find it's very easy to activate the correct muscles while wearing Kbands. Complete 15 repetitions with your right leg forward and then 15 repetitions with your left leg forward.

Unleash Your New Found Range of Motion

Now that you have great muscle activation, it's important to remove Kbands from the equation. Complete an additional 15 repetitions with your left leg forward and your right leg forward with full muscle activation. As you become more comfortable with this drill, you will be able to adjust the height of the hurdle for more of a challenge. Also, this is a key time to move as explosively as possible with muscle activation. Enhance your results today with this women's hurdle drill.

Take Your Training to a Higher Level

For more track-specific training drills, utilize our training section. Here you will find drills like the Kbands Wall Drill, Bounding Sprints, and the ABCs for Sprint Training. Each of our drills is designed to use resistance training equipment to maximize your results.

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