Benefits of Kbands and Baseball Training

Position Players

There are many benefits to training with Kbands that will help baseball player improve their game. Kbands will increase a player’s glute strength and hip stability.  Training glutes and hips will help with center of balance, preventing knee injuries, and explosive first steps.  These are the building blocks to every great fielder.  To be able to explode immediately when the ball is hit takes a tremendous amount of body control and footwork.  Kbands and Trevor Theismann's training program (Athlete Performance Pack) will help baseball (& softball) players find the explosive body control they have been looking for.  He uses core strength development as well as agility training techniques to improve each fielder's range. The added core strength and body control each player will gain, gives players more accurate off balance throws. A strong core will give baseball and softball players the body strength to be off balance and still compete at a high level.



Pitcher's velocity, leg strength, core stability

Hip flexors, glute strength, and core stability all play a major role a pitcher's potential.  Pitchers throw at all different speeds due to body control and muscle fiber type.  The key to throwing hard is getting elastic energy to transfer from each player's legs, through their hips, into the trunk, and finally out the arm.  Biomechanics show that a pitcher's arm is just along for the ride.  So the potential velocity a body can produce is all up to how well an athlete can transfer elastic energy from their legs through their trunk and out their arm. Trevor Theismann has addressed each of these areas with Kbands.  His program will make pitchers more explosive to enhance their velocity potentials.

Speed Training for Baseball and Softball

As baseball (softball) players improve their footwork and core strength, Trevor Theismann's training program also provides speed training.  His sprint training with Kbands will improve each player's running strength.  Running with resistance will increase stride length which, in turn, will make an athlete faster. Stolen bases and beating out slow rollers are a big part of what makes a winning team. To be considered for the next level of competition each baseball and softball player should work hard to improve their speed.  Sprint training with Trevor Theismann is designed to help players in need of a 90 foot burst of speed. Begin sprints in all different positions to increase body control and explosive starts out of the box. Kbands will do the rest resisting every stride.


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