Basketball Speed Bands | Speed Training For Basketball

Basketball Speed Bands | Speed Training For Basketball

To improve your speed and quickness in basketball it is important that we train with the correct sports specific drills. Grab your basketball speed bands, Kbands, and get down in a good athletic position. When trying to improve your speed it is important that we focus on the correct basketball stance. Keep your chest up, butt down, and legs in a comfortable athletic position.


Basketball Speed Drill Set Up

The next portion of this drill will combine reaction time and quickness. Your partner will have a stack of cones and will frisbee them off to the side of you for 6 to 8 cone tosses. The key is to stretch distance, timing, and angle. Your partner will want to throw the cone at different distances during each toss.

As you can see reaction time is very important in the game of basketball. Every cone that is thrown you must change direction and accelerate quickly. Push through the resistance of Kbands and activate your glutes. Your glutes and hips are often overlooked when trying to build speed.

Why Should I Strengthen My Hips

The hips are one of the most important elements of power and speed within the human body. Every movement must be completed with stable hips. Every time you change direction it requires your hips to stabilize and move the spine in the direction that you wish to move. If you have a weakness in your hips then every movement you make there is a hesitation. This hesitation is due to muscle weakness. By strengthening your hips and building core strength with Kbands speed bands, you will be able to move quickly and accelerate to any destination you choose. In the game of basketball linear speed is important, but lateral quickness and acceleration is equally as important.

Each lateral shuffle that you complete with Kbands you will feel the resistance. Kbands activate your glutes, hamstrings, quads, and hip flexors. The activation of each muscle group is dependent on the direction of the movement. When your partner throws cones in front of you, you must quickly accelerate forward activating your glutes in your hip flexors. If your partner throws the cone deep behind you, you will then activate your glutes and hamstrings to accelerate to the cone. Muscle activation through the hip girdle is essential to maximum performance during this basketball drill.


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How Many Reps With The Speed Bands Should I Do

During this basketball drill athletes will react off of 6 to 8 cones. After the 8 cones are thrown athletes will then turn and sprint towards the basket to complete the drill. During the drop step phase you will find more of a hip flexor activation. Drive your rear knee threw the dig phase and accelerate towards the basket. Also focus on arm action. Your arms should not be placed down by your side. They should be actively accelerating you towards the basket.

After the sprint phase, move back out towards the opposite three-point line and begin the drill again. You will complete 8 to 10 total repetitions of the specific drill before moving on to any additional basketball drills. If you need suggestions on additional training look at the basketball training section. There you will find basketball specific drills like: Vertical Fx, Overspeed Accelerator, Lateral Bounding, And Attack Shooting Drills.

How Do I Increase My Speed In Basketball

If your focus is speed and basketball you must complete drills that you can move quickly in. If you're not working at 100% intensity during basketball specific drills you will never see the speed gains that you were looking for. Resistance bands like Kbands are great way to get extra muscle activation during specific exercises. This muscle activation will lead to stronger and more active muscle fibers. With these newly acquired muscle tissues, you will be able to move more quickly on the court. The key to achieving your goals is not only completing the proper drills, but also staying healthy. Anytime you are about to complete a basketball drill it is important that you warm up properly. Spend some time elevating your heart rate for at least 5 to 10 minutes before speed training. No matter what tools you are using, a cold body will lead to poor performance and injuries. Check out our basketball warm-up as well as some additional recovery training that we offer here on These workouts will help to keep your body loose and function effectively.


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