Dynamic Footwork Drill For Girls Youth Soccer

Dynamic Footwork Drill For Girls Youth Soccer

30th Oct 2018


Dynamic Footwork Drill For Girls Youth Soccer

In the game of soccer changing direction quickly is very important. Young girls soccer players are no different. They must be able to transition up and down the soccer field from offense to defense quickly. This drill will challenge the ability to transition from a defense of shuffle into a  forward sprint. Let’s take a look at the video.

How Many Sets Should You Complete

During this exercise you will complete 4 sprints before taking a break. You will sprint for 10 yards and then backpedal out at a 45° angle listening to the coach as you move backwards. Each change of direction will occur when the coach gives the cadence. This will help with  reaction time.

Stay Low And Move Faster

Notice in the video you see the female athlete in a nice athletic stance. Staying low and balanced can help you gain the ability to change direction quickly. If you stand tall it will limit your ability to move from side to side instantly. Stay low and move quickly.

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