Top Speed Test Your Youth Athlete Should Be Doing

Top Speed Test Your Youth Athlete Should Be Doing

27th Nov 2018

Top Speed Test Your Youth Athlete Should Be Doing

Are you wondering how your youth athlete stacks up against his or her peers? One of the  top speed tests utilized for athletes of all ages is the Pro Agility Drill. It measures the speed at which athletes can change direction and accelerate in a small space. This measurement of speed is much more important in most sports.

How Do You Set Up The Pro Agility Drill

The Pro Agility Drill is set up with three cones 5 yards apart. To get the correct time, you will start the clock when the athlete makes his or her first movement off the center cone. As soon as the athlete reaches one of the corners, he or she will touch the cone, change direction, and sprint to the farthest cone. This distance is 10 yards. When they reach this cone they will also touch it and change direction finishing through the middle cone. The clock will stop as soon as the athlete runs through the middle cone. Be sure that you do not turn your back to the cones. Each athlete should face the same direction the entire time.

Understanding how the  Pro Agility Drill is measured and how to train is very important for the future of youth athletes. Often times college recruiters only have film and test-outs to go off. Gauging athletes ability can be tough. Learning at a young age how to optimize your times to compete at the next level is very important. Watch the video several times and review the proper footwork needed to maximize your time.

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