Team Cone Drill For Jumping and Agility - Kbands Drill 1121

Team Cone Drill For Jumping and Agility - Kbands Drill 1121

27th Nov 2019

Do you need a team oriented jumping and agility drill? This exercise is a great superset to help you accomplish just that.

Both exercises will utilize the same set up. Create 5 to 6 rows of cones to work around. Next, place a speed and agility ladder parallel to the cone set up. Each athlete in the group will move through two different sequences.

Team Exercise For Agility Drills

The first set up, athletes will shuffle down through the cones. Move around each row to challenge lateral agility. As each athlete exits the cones they will then move over to the ladder. Maintain speed here. Run with high knees laterally through the ladder. Each athlete should push their knees up high to create the correct muscle activation within the hip flexors.

Jump Higher With This Jump Sequence

The second portion of the exercise is going to focus on body control and jump height. Jump over each of the cones and then move to the ladder. Body control is essential during the ladder phase. Do not step on the ladder rungs, clear them and land in the middle of the box.

The next phase the team can move into a sprint out, or rest until their turn comes up again.

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