Slow Pitch Softball Training Program - Stop The Injuries And Get In Shape

Slow Pitch Softball Training Program - Stop The Injuries And Get In Shape

Published by Trevor Theismann on 21st Apr 2021

It seems these days slow pitch softball never ends. There’s a tournament available at all points throughout the year. Sometimes winter can slow things down and gives you a great opportunity to get in better shape. Other years you’re playing year-round. I have created a great slow pitch softball training program that will help you stay in shape and prevent injuries. There’s no reason why you pull your hamstring every year, blow your shoulder out, or injure your back. It’s time to train smart.

Three Training Phases

This slow pitch softball training program is going to be completed in three phases. Each phase is equally as important as the next. I will break down each one so you know specifically what to do each week. The training time required will be no more than 40 minutes a day 3 days a week. I understand we are playing slow pitch softball here, not trying to be a bodybuilder. These three workouts will help ensure that your body is ready to perform.

Before each workout warm up and stretch. Don’t get crazy. It should only take about five minutes.

Phase 1 - Shoulders

These three workouts are going to be very simple and to the point. The first phase of the workout is shoulders. Take time and review the video as I specifically show you what to do with your shoulder training. Overall, move through movements that will help strengthen and stretch the rotator cuff so that your body is ready to throw. 

  • 3 Point Empty Soups 
  • Scrap Loading Circuit 
  • Band Work - Straight Arm Pull, External Rotation, Crossover

Phase 2 - Strength

Strength training is going to come in to play to ensure that you are strong and mobile. I can’t tell you how many times I hear about someone pulling a hamstring or calf muscle simply running the bases. In the video I will break down specific strength training exercises that you should do for your core as well as your legs to get ready for the season. 

  • Power Rotation 
  • Push-Ups 
  • Hamstring Curls 
  • Curls Or Marchers

Phase 3 - Endurance

When you find yourself playing tournaments and your legs are gassed that’s when injuries happen. It’s important that you add a little bit of cardiovascular training to your workout to ensure your body is ready. Take a look at my recommendations for cardio in the video.

  • Lunges 
  • Walking Lunges Or Split Squats 
  • Wall Run - Or High Knees 
  • Shuffles 
  • Backpedal Turn And Jog

I Hope this helps you stay in shape for slow pitch softball. You can utilize this training program in-season or off-season, the most important thing is that you remain consistent. Have fun out there and enjoy your slow pitch softball season.

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