Park Agility Drill For Athletes Of All Ages

Park Agility Drill For Athletes Of All Ages

15th Nov 2018


Park Agility Drill For Athletes Of All Ages

Working out at the park and be a great way to add some training to your routine. You don’t always need a team practice to increase your skills. Athletes of all ages have the ability to train at a local park. Setting up drills that can help build speed requires two things. One, you will need to pack cones and or a speed and agility ladder. Two, bring a set of Kbands.

The agility cones will give you the ability to set up multiple transitional drills to challenge speed. Kbands, on the other hand, will help build speed without needing partners or weights. Notice in the video how easily the athlete can move with Kbands on. Normal loop bands will slide up your legs. Kbands will stay right where you place them. This will give you the ability to sprint with resistance.

Setup For The Park Zigzag Drill

When you are at the park space is not an issue. You have the ability to set up long elaborate drills, or short condensed quickness drills. If speed is your focus, then you must set up cone distances that are appropriate for your abilities. Setting up cones too far apart will defeat the purpose of this type of drill. You need to fail on the side of too close. Run around each cone as you zigzag back-and-forth. Keep your feet moving quickly as you round the cone. Do not take long strides when you change direction.

As you complete eight sets you will notice your legs begin to fatigue. You may need to increase the rest between sets. Kbands will fatigue your legs much faster than exercises without them. Just like weight training, add resisted sets as needed.

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