Offseason Football Workout You Can Do By Yourself

Offseason Football Workout You Can Do By Yourself

12th Apr 2019

Off-season football is where athletes must enhance their abilities. During the season it’s near impossible with injuries and competition to increase speed and agility. The off-season is where these skills must take place. In addition to your weight training it’s important to incorporate hip flexor and glute exercises 2 to 3 times a week. This round of exercises will take you roughly 15 to 20 minutes and should be done three times a week.

Hip Flexor Drill

Find a fence, wall, or the side of a building. Now complete knee drives at a 45° angle. Run in place for 15 seconds, utilize single leg holds to help with contraction, or rhythmic 1-2-3 step sequence is to increase hip flexor strength. Review the video to better understand form and technique.

Advanced Jump Splits

The advanced jump splits are a unique off-season football drill that not all athletes can complete properly. It requires power and technique to adequately complete the exercise. Jump as high as you can and spread your legs with great knee separation. After you land get back off the ground as fast you can. Complete single side repetitions or alternating.

Running In Place

Running in place seems to be an exercise that a lot of athletes do not understand why they should complete. High knees with resistance bands are a great way to target not only foot position, but proper knee height when sprinting. Having the ability to enhance plantar flexion while driving off the ground can lead to more speed. Work on pulling your toes towards your shins when you take them off the ground so that the stretch reflex will better help you explode. Knee height and arm action should also be a main focus for you. Continuous repetitions with the proper movements will help you consistently improve your speed.

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