Increase Running Speed With Hip Bands

Increase Running Speed With Hip Bands

12th Feb 2019

Increase Running Speed With Hip Bands

Speed is the mecca of all athletic training. The faster you can run the better athlete you will be. There is no comparing two athletes that run at different speeds. The faster one will always achieve greater feats. In turn we must focus on our speed and develop the tools required to be the best athlete we can be.

Jumping Plyometrics And Resistance Bands

In the video you will see a combination of two training methods. Plyometric jump training and sprint training. The combination of these two aspects will help increase your speed. To begin, select the proper Infinity Loop Hip Bands. There are four that came in your kit and you must grab the proper resistance level that you need. Start out a little lighter to be on the safe side. Next, complete tuck jumps. If you are more advanced, complete six tuck jumps. If you are less advanced, complete three tuck jumps. You will then move into a 10 yard sprint.

Distance Training With Infinity Loop Bands

Distances are important when training with the Infinity Loop Hip Bands. You must keep things short. A good indication that you were sprinting too far is if the loop bands slide up your thighs. This isn’t a dealbreaker, but it’s a good indication that we are moving too far. If we keep things short and concise, you’ll be able to maximize the pull on your legs to build strength while still completing the drill properly.

Tuck Jump Form

When you are doing tuck jumps maintain proper form. As soon as your legs at the ground you must jump immediately back up. The tuck jumps will build concentric power throughout the muscles helping you to jump higher and then sprint. First step quickness is our focus here so it is important that you sprint immediately after landing.

What’s Next

There are several drills in the plyometric training section that you can incorporate into your training next. Complete 4 to 5 drills and one training session and then give yourself a day off.

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