Kbands Lunges and Overhead Press Exercise For Hip and Shoulder Strength

Kbands Lunges and Overhead Press Exercise For Hip and Shoulder Strength

Combining exercises that you are comfortable with is a great way to mix up your workouts. During this exercise we will combine the split squat and the overhead snatch to develop power and strength in your core and lower body. Review the video until you are comfortable with the movements. This is an advanced level exercise that requires practice before increasing the resistance.



Split Squat Exercise With A Twist

The first half of this exercise is simple to explain and execute. Begin in a split squat position with your Kbands wrapped around your thighs. This will help activate the muscles throughout the glutes, quads, and hamstrings in a static hold position. The lower you can maintain proper form the more hip flexor activation you will receive. Hip flexors are an important part of acceleration during sprinting. It is key that you maintain straight feet to activate the hip flexor properly.


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Overhead Snatch With A Twist

Traditionally you have completed exercises like the overhead snatch with a bar. This exercise includes a barbell bad quickly accelerates over your head with a catch in a straight locked arm position. This overhead snatch will be completed in a different way with the same techniques. Notice in the video, the athlete begins in a split squat position. His arms are above his head with the dumbbells. On the transition you will switch your legs quickly and then bring your arms up above your head similar to the snatch with the barbell.

Let’s Take It Step-By-Step

The best way to begin this exercise is start in the split squat position. After holding this position for five seconds you will then switch your legs as fast as you can through the split squat simultaneously driving your arms above your head into the overhead press position. This is the snatch portion of the exercise. Hold the split squat position for 5 to 8 seconds with your arms above your head, and then drop your arms down slowly and under control. Maintain the split squat position until your arms come down to your sides. Next quickly jump in the air and switch your legs again. Mimic the snatch position once again and press your arms above your head for another static hold. Take it slow and utilize light dumbbells until you can complete the motion quickly. The better you become at maintaining control, the more weight you can add.


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