KB Powerbands Rotational Hitting Drill | Resisted Leg Drive Drill

KB Powerbands Rotational Hitting Drill | Resisted Leg Drive Drill

Every hitter wants to build explosive power throughout their swing leading to more long balls, doubles in the gap, and even triples. To be a great hitter many elements come into play. Having near perfect hand eye coordination and hitting the sweet spot on the bat also helps. The next big element that comes into play is rotational power. The more power and bat speed a baseball player can produce the farther the baseball will travel when hit on the sweet spot of the bat. The KB Powerbands Rotational Hitting Drill is an amazing drill used by hitters to help promote leg drive from the ground up leading to quick hands through the zone. Check out the video below and spend some time reading through this article as we break down the step-by-step instructions on how to properly complete the Rotational Hitting Drill.



Choosing The Correct Amount Of Resistance 

To maximize your gains during this Rotational Hitting Drill it is essential that baseball players choose the correct amount of resistance. KB Powerbands come with four levels of resistance, enabling you to maximize your results with the proper amount of resistance. Hitters will be able to mix-and-match colors, or even just use an individual resistance band, to complete this drill. Baseball players should work in pairs to optimize time under tension. 

When choosing the correct amount of resistance it is important that you focus on the quality of the rotation. If you choose to utilize blue, green, and red resistance bands and find that it is impossible to complete an explosive rotation, then lighten the load. When building power we need to work at 65 to 75% of our rotational capabilities. It is very important that we maintain complete explosive rotation with each repetition. By adding too much resistance you will slow down your hands and change the way your body mechanics work, leading to an improper swing and inefficient power production. Keep things simple and start light. Adding resistance as you go is better than starting to heavy.


Arm Strength With KB Powerbands


Low Anchor Position | Core Stability

After you have chosen the correct amount of resistance it's time to connect the handles and get started. First, let's take a look at the low anchor position. This baseball player will be focusing on stability under constant tension. This athlete will sit in an upright position with their arms extended. The arm extended arm position requires proper positioning. It is important that this baseball player pull his shoulder blades together and roll his chest open to place the spine in proper alignment. Weaker athletes will extend their arms, rolling their shoulders forward, leaving the spine in an improper position. To create rotational bat speed it is essential that we maximize the body's ability to rotate and stabilize in the proper position. By maintaining a shoulder back position we will lock the spine in place allowing the correct muscle activation. Every single repetition that the rotational athlete places on the anchor will cause the anchor to stabilize and work against the rotation. This is great for building the proper fundamentals of core strength in a stable position.

Build Rotational Power | Hitting Drill

The standing rotational baseball player, the one mimicking a baseball swing, will be focused on different elements altogether. First, the athlete will stack their hands in a powerful position ready to utilize the hip rotation and explode through the extension. The next step will be positioning. Move laterally away from the anchor position but be sure that the hand rotation position is in a lateral line with the anchor. Athletes should not be standing even with the seated anchor because this will cause the resistance bands to wrap around the shoulder during the rotational movement. By standing slightly behind the seated anchor position, the rotational baseball player will be able to explosively rotate at the hips and produce power naturally through the hands. Another key element is focusing on the back foot. The back foot must rotate not only to take the pressure off the knee during this exercise, but to help open the hips for maximum power. Arms should stay relatively straight. During a swing you will definitely have some bend in your arms while driving through the zone. During this drill, we will be focused on the bottom half and core strength.

During each explosive turn the baseball players will feel their obliques and abs stabilize and fire. It's important to maintain control on each deceleration to help build stability in the core while staying explosive and fast on the rotational side of the Rotational Hitting Drill.

The Best Repetitions To Maximize Results

The baseball Rotational Hitting Drill can be completed utilizing reps or times. Athletes will complete around 10 to 12 repetitions but no more than 15 seconds of active rotations. The drill should be completed with quick movements. Take turns between rest and stability. As one athlete finishes his rotational turns the next athlete should then stand up and complete the rotational turns on his side. After about 4 to 5 sets are completed for each partner they will then turn around and complete the same set sequence on the other side. It Is always important to work both sides of the body to maintain stability in the core.

To take your core strength to the next level check out the Happy Gilmore Drill. This is a great drill to help utilize the fundamentals of this Rotational Hitting Drill. By understanding how to build power from the ground up, the Happy Gilmore Drill will help overload the body with a step up approach to the baseball hitting off the tee. Work with the Happy Gilmore Drill and then progress to the High Knee Drill. A combination of these drills will give you a great hitting workout that can be completed indoor or outdoor.

Get started training with our versatile KB Powerbands. With four levels of resistance you'll be able to maximize your rotational power and strengthen your core with this training. Get started today and let us know if you have any questions with the chat bar link at the lower left-hand of the website or the contact us menu at the top.