Increase Basketball Crossover Speed

Increase Basketball Crossover Speed

For the best crossover in basketball you need strong ball handling skills, however, to capitalize on a great crossover you need explosive movement and control. It’s not enough to put the defense on its heels if you cannot transition to a drive and take advantage of it. In the following exercise we will be working on timing, explosive drive, and reaction speed.


Kbands Reaction Crossovers

To begin the Kbands Reaction Crossovers you will need a set of Kbands, a ball, a gym (indoor or out), and a coach/training partner. Set up on one baseline and strap the Kbands on just above the knee, making sure to attach both the front and back straps. Your partner should stand in front of you facing the baseline you are located on. Begin a relaxed, dribble up the court towards your partner, and watch for their signals. Your partner should deliver a hand signal every couple of steps directing which way to drive. Once the signal is given make one explosive movement (either a crossover or a stutter-step whichever is appropriate given the hand the ball is being dribbled in) and drive for 2 steps. Then slow up and come back into a relaxed dribble, again waiting for the partner to deliver the next signal. There should be time for 5-6 reactions on the way from one baseline to the other. At the far end of the court, finish with a layup or a jump shot and take a position on the baseline for a return trip.


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Crossover vs. Stutter-step

The choice of which to use will become easier with practice against a defender, but for now it is important to engage both during this drill. A crossover does what it says, and crosses the ball from the hand currently dribbling it to the other hand shifting the direction of the drive towards the new hand with the ball. The stutter-step is merely a quick tempo change in the same direction as is currently being traveled. The ball does not change hands and the direction remains constant. By alternating between these two options the coach/training partner will help refine a players reactions. By having both moves mastered a player can capitalize on whatever the defense shows at a moment’s notice.

Rhythm and Tempo

The goal of this drill is to build a comfortable rhythm in your dribble so that the reaction crossover interrupts your rhythm and provides an opportunity to drive past the defense. Each signal the coach/training partner gives should be followed by an explosive change in tempo and the first steps of a drive. This rapid acceleration and shift in direction is what causes the defense to stumble or back off. After doing this drill for a while, change up the reaction by doing a crossover/stutter-step and drive, but then pull up hard after 1 or 2 dribbles. This is the move that will open up the easy jumper, and as a player masters both of these moves they can alternate between them at game speed and either create space for the jumper, or an opening for the drive. Having mastery of both will keep the defense guessing at what will come next from each tempo change.

Practice till its smooth

This is a drill that is easy to slack on as it appears simple, however mastering tempo changes will take time and practice. Take each run up and down the court at full effort, and find something to improve upon each time. The coach/training partner should be able to help identify some tweaks to make from baseline to baseline. Work hard on the fundamentals and the rest will come easier.

Why Kbands

The reason this drill is recommended with Kbands is due to explosive training. Using the Kbands in a lowered athletic stance activates the muscles in the legs used for driving and pushes them to maximum effort with every drive. This means the muscles aren’t the only things being trained. By requiring maximum effort from the leg muscles during every movement this drill coupled with the Kbands teaches the neurons to incorporate more muscle fibers per activation. By training at higher incorporation rates the neuromuscular connections begin to incorporate those fibers more regularly. More muscle fibers reacting will equal more power, and more power means quicker drives, harder stops, and a defender with broken ankles.

Kbands and Speed

For more drills and exercises that focus on muscle activation and neuromuscular incorporation check out the speed section of Speed training is the bread and butter of Kbands for all the reasons mentioned above, so get the most out of a set of Kbands and engage the hours of free training that our site has to offer to become the best basketball player you can be.


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