Hockey Training

Hockey Workout Circuit

Hockey Workout Circuit

Ice hockey players need drills which challenge their explosiveness, strength, and multi directional acceleration. The Hockey Workout Circuit challenges all of these skills and allows for athletes to modify the workout by adding additional drills to the Hockey Workout Circuit.

Equipment Used: Kbands
Hockey Agility Step Over Drill

Hockey Agility Step Over Drill

Improve your balance and the fluidity of your movement with these hockey agility drills. The step over drills mentioned here will hone your skill of turning, moving limbs and pivoting quickly, which all contribute to the improvement of agility in hockey players.

Equipment Used: Kbands
Hockey Resisted Power Lunge

Kbands Hockey Lateral Power

Develop strong hip flexors and improve your speed with the help of these skating drills. The resisted power lunges mentioned here will also help you to develop balance and powerful skating strides.

Equipment Used: Kbands
Hockey Conditioning Lateral Power

Hockey Conditioning Lateral Power Drill

Utilize the Kbands Leg Resistance Bands to maximize the effectiveness of this Lateral Power hockey drill. Lateral power is a vital tool in the hockey players arsenal and Kbands will aid in activating the right muscle to build strength and explosive power.

Equipment Used: Kbands
Hockey Speed Skating

Hockey Lateral Speed

Hip Strength is vital for a powerful and quick skating stride on the ice. This Kbands Hockey Skating Drill will utilize resistance during lateral and forward motion to increase muscle activation for maximum hip strength and explosiveness on the ice.

Equipment Used: Kbands
Off Season Conditioning

Offseason Conditioning Drills

This conditioning drill for hockey offseason training is designed to maintain muscle strength and drive. The Kbands Training drills provided on the site give move by move direction and additional information about stability and dynamics involved in each move.

Equipment Used: Kbands, Cones


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