Glute workouts are so easy with kbands #firehydrants #flair #glutebridge #pilates

Glute workouts are so easy with kbands #firehydrants #flair #glutebridge #pilates

Published by Trevor Theismann on 20th Oct 2021

There's a lot of women out there looking to train their glutes. This specific group of exercises is a great way to target just that. You can work your butt in many different directions with Kbands. Weatherby simple fire hydrants, flares, or even just glute bridges, Kbands or a simple addition to these exercises. All you have to do is strap on Kbands and they will not move. They are superior to any other loop style resistance band because they stay in place. You will no longer have to worry about rolling, or sliding during exercises.

Many of our clients add them to their Pilates or Yoga exercises as well as their strength and conditioning training. Spend time testing your limits with four levels of resistance bands and enjoy your training.

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