Ten Minute Exercise for Women


Resistance Training Moves for Women

Welcome back to the Flex2Fit Workout series! I’m Trevor Theismann from KBands Training at In today’s workout we’ll be targeting some of the muscle groups and areas of particular importance to women, like abs and flexibility. These exercises for women can help tone, strengthen and stretch the core and lower body, and we hope they’ll answer some of the comments recently posted by women looking for resistance training and strength training tips.

Once again, Tracy is here to demonstrate how some of these moves work and how the Kbands can be incorporated into your strength training routine to add some additional resistance. She’ll help us through this upbeat, ten minute cycle of exercises for women.



Workout Reps Workout Sets




Extended Planks

12-15 2-3
Squat Jumps


Exercises for Women: Abs

Let’s start this resistance training set with a focus on the abs. With the KBands securely fastened around your upper legs, lie on your back on the floor with your knees bent and angled slightly outward. Raise your hands above your head and hold your palms together. Then compete a crunch motion, bringing your joined hands down toward your knees.

Remember to keep constant pressure on your abs during this resistance training move. If you just go through the motions, your strength training goals will take longer to attain. Repeat this move 12 to 15 times.

Now let’s move into the scissors, another great abs exercise for women. With your hands under your rear for support, raise and lower each leg in an alternating fashion, keeping your knees straight. Complete 12 to 15 of these.

The next abs exercise for women is the frog chop. Return your legs to the wood chopper position above, but this time we won’t be using the arms. Instead, press your palms flat against the mat beside your hips and raise your bent legs into the air, lifting your hips off the floor. Return to the floor slowly to maximize your resistance training results. Complete about ten of these.

Exercises for Women: Extended Planks

For the next resistance training exercise, let’s move over to the KB Duo. With the bands anchored in place above your head, face away from the anchor point and hold a handle in each hand with your arms extended in front of you. Angle your body just slightly so your weight is supported by the bands. Raise your arms up above your head, almost but not quite to the level of your ears. Then bring them down again slowly. To make this resistance training move more difficult, move your feet back toward the anchor point to increase your body angle. Repeat this strength training move 12 to 15 times. But remember: the number of reps you complete won’t matter if you don’t keep constant pressure on your abs.

Exercises for Women: Squat Jumps

Now let’s focus on the lower body with some squat jumps. Place your feet slightly wider than shoulder width apart, and with your elbows bent and your hands relaxed in front of you, drop down into squat position and jump up into the air. Kick your hips back, keep your knees behind your toes, and jump. Repeat about twelve of these resistance training moves, then relax for about a minute and start the cycle over again from the top.

Complete about three sets of this entire cycle of exercises for women. Keep the breaks in between each exercise short and keep your heart rate up to make the most of each move. If you focus on the resistance training elements of this workout and apply constant pressure to your targeted muscle groups, you’ll get great results from this quick cycle.

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